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Velvet: Fall's Most Sumptuous Trend

The production of lighter fabrics is increasing velvet's popularity beyond fall.

By Layne Lynch November 16, 2017

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Black velvet Victor Costa gown from Cheeky Vintage

Velvet is having a moment and then some. For the past two years, the elegant material has asserted itself as much more than just a fall season staple, featuring in every garment imaginable, including gowns, boots and less-conventional accessories like hats and bikinis. And in that, history is repeating itself, according to Fady Armanious, Tootsies creative director. 

"This quintessentially '90s trend has made a definitive comeback this fall, [showing up on] runways from New York to Paris in salute of the past,” Armanious says. “The rich, lush, luxurious and vibrant colors make it a fall statement.”

Tina Davis, owner of Cheeky Vintage, says the fabric’s elegance is rooted in history, making it a lasting symbol of sophistication and style. “This luxury fabric was originally associated with nobility during Renaissance times. Only the very wealthiest in society had access to it and could afford it, and velvet does seem to give off a formal feel because of this association," she says. 

Davis also explains that she expects the fabric to remain popular throughout the spring, as improvements in its production has allowed for lighter, more breathable garments. She also notes that designers are now experimenting with bolder colors, too. 

“Modern technology used in the fabrication of velvet is allowing it to be worn differently from trends in the past. Brightly colored velvets woven in lighter weights are adorning everything from footwear, handbags and accessories to full-blown pantsuits and gowns,” Davis says. “Watch for it to continue into Spring 2018 runways in the form of slip dresses and blouses. Perhaps this is why it suddenly looks so fresh: Designers are having fun with this once-stodgy fabric, playfully using it in totally different ways.”

Looking for ways to incorporate velvet into your closet? Search no further than our favorites below:

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