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UNTUCKit Arrives in Houston to Class Up Casual

The premise of the new Galleria store is simple: dress shirts, untucked.

By Noah Nofz May 15, 2018

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UNTUCKit's Dallas location

Okay, guys. You’re getting ready to go out for drinks—someplace casual, where you can grab a local brew and watch the game with friends.You pull on your good jeans and head to the closet. Disaster! Row after row of button-downs. Yeah, they look great at work, tucked into some slacks. But leave them untucked and they get all funky and unflattering, with a goofy long tail that totally hides how good your butt looks right now.

UNTUCKit hears you, and they want to help. Their solution is elegant for its simplicity: Create a dress shirt that’s meant to be worn untucked.

The growing menswear brand, set to open its first Houston location in the Galleria today, specializes in striking a balance between comfort and class. That’s evident in their signature product, where the perfect length and proportions are available in a variety of fits to flatter any body type. It’s evident in their retail spaces, too, where deep blue walls combine with rich wood grain and masculine accents to create a space that’s as much lounge as it is storefront. A team of store associates answer questions of styling or sizing, and a special display even highlights some of their favorite wine. There is also a pool table.

Lest you think the concept sounds a tad one-note, fear not: Since its debut in 2011, UNTUCKit has added everything from T-shirts to sports coats to its range, while women’s and boy’s lines brought the brand to new audiences last year. Also in 2017? The spurring of a "slob vs. snob" debate in the New Yorker.

With popular storefronts already operating in Austin and Dallas, Houston represented a natural fit for further expansion. Opening its 27th nationwide location at the Galleria today will give you plenty of time to class up your casual-cool look before next weekend. Your butt will thank you later.

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