Here comes the bride, and she's pissed. At least that's the conclusion of a new nationwide survey of recent brides and their "bridezilla" tendencies that ranked the top 15 cities with the highest concentration, putting Houston in fourth place behind New York, San Francisco, and Detroit. The study, conducted by market research consultant the National Research Group, was commissioned by the WE tv network for release in tandem with a new season of its reality series called, wait for it, Bridezillas.

The series, which premiered in 2004 and returned for its latest season June 1, "famously spotlights so-called 'normal' women who have turned into 'bridezillas' by their upcoming nuptials," the network says. "Each episode will follow two hilariously unhinged brides as they hurtle toward the altar."

"Unhinged" sounds decidedly negative, but is being a bridezilla really a bad thing? Not necessarily, says Bridezillas executive producer Laura Halperin. "Our survey shows that recent brides have taken ownership of the term," she says. "Brides are taking control of their wedding day and making sure every detail is just what they envisioned."

So what do Houston brides care about most? Survey says: religion and dessert. Data indicates religious traditions are prioritized most in Houston and Atlanta (No. 11 on the bridezilla ranking), and here, cake is more important than the guest list. We tend to agree.

The study looked at other wedding trends, including the impact of the recent Royal Wedding. Apparently, Chicago brides were most interested in Prince Harry's nuptials to American Meghan Markle, while Minneapolis brides cared the least. New York brides felt most strongly that the whole shebang spells more pressure for future brides apparently concerned with making sure their vows live up to the reported $45.8 million affair—a price tag over 1,000 times more expensive than the average wedding.

Houston brides appear less choosy than their major metropolitan counterparts, especially New Yorkers, who take the gold: More than half of brides surveyed in the Big Apple reported stipulating their bridesmaids' shoes and jewelry, which doesn't seem so outrageous, but another 1 in 3 took it further and specified a desired type of tan for the bridal party.

All told, it makes sense that some brides are ultra-picky about their big days–after all, 1 in 3 reported "dreaming about their wedding day for as long as they could remember." When it comes to what most consider one of life's biggest milestones—second only to the birth of a child—it's worth it to be particular.

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