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Hollywood Closet Consultant Divulges Tips and Tricks In New Book

Lisa Adams blessed River Oaks District's Planet Blue with her Closet Design Bible launch party.

By Najla Brown October 16, 2018

Lisa Adams, closet designer and author of the new Closet Design Bible, hosted a book party at ROD's Planet Blue.

The reckoning is upon us. You may need Jesus, but your closet needs Lisa Adams. With her debut book, Closet Design Bible, Adams is here to lead us to a perfectly organized Promised Land. This month, Planet Blue in River Oaks District played host to a book party to celebrate the new launch.

Forget milk and honey: Adams was serving up white wine, designer cupcakes, and, most importantly, her sacred text. The pearly gates have gone minimalist—and, apparently, millennial pink—if the book cover is any indicator of what awaits us in the after-Adams life. Chock-full of helpful tips and beautiful visuals of custom, high-end wardrobes, Closet Design Bible is a glossy, practical how-to offering readers inspiration for converting their closet from hot mess to heavenly space.

As any HGTV-acolyte knows, the last two decades have seen a major evolution in kitchen design (see: Kitchen Cousins, Kitchen Crashes, Spice Up My Kitchen, et al). With her company, LA Closet Design, Adams wants to make the wardrobe the new kitchen, "producing stylish but welcoming living spaces where people want to socialize," her website says.  

Adams signs books at the launch party.

If Harry Potter would’ve picked up a copy of Adams' book, his cupboard could’ve passed for a trendy studio apartment. After working with celebrity clients like Reese Witherspoon, Khloe Kardashian, and Christina Aguilera, Adams decided to bring the benefits of an organized wardrobe to the masses. 

“Everyone has a closet,” she says, “but not everyone knows how to use the space to its fullest potential. That’s where my book comes in.” Although Adams can't single out one favorite tip from her book, she does worship at the altar of one particular item from her closet accessories collection: the LAMove Mobile Closet.  She cites it as perfect for weekend trips and short getaways; everything packed inside has its place.  

In fact, most of the products in Adams’ closet accessories line are featured heavily in Closet Design Bible, which makes sense after you explore the variety—all designed to use space as efficiently as possible. My favorite from the collection is easily the boot tree, designed specifically to hang your boots upright. You can’t live in Texas without a pair of boots, and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t take care of them after spending a pretty penny to bring them home in the first place.  

You can find Closet Design Bible locally at the River Oaks Bookstore or online; learn more about the closet accessories collection on Adams' website.

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