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This New Coffee Table Book Features 3 Houston Influencers Stories from the Influencers Next Door is like Instagram IRL.

By Abby Ledoux October 15, 2018

If you, too, use Instagram for outfit inspo, chances are you're familiar with The content platform from Dallas-based company rewardStyle allows followers to shop their screenshots, partnering with trend-setting bloggers and influencers to identify and link products—from boots to lipstick to throw pillows—in their posts, thusly driving sales. LTK has over 3 million Instagram followers; in March, Forbes reported the platform generated over $300 million in sales from its shoppers.

Now, LTK has come to life in the form of a coffee table book curated by rewardStyle co-founder Amber Venz Box. Stories from the Influencers Next Door turns digital physical; think of it like an artfully curated Insta feed preserved on glossy pages. The tome features photos and interviews with top social influencers—including three from Houston.

Readers might recognize heavy-hitters like Courtney Kerr (@KERRently) and former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky, who are featured alongside Houston influencers Nikki Gamble of NewTexaCali, Jennifer Prock of Decor Gold Designs, and Zabrina Hancock of ZDesign at Home. Style-setters, DIY-ers, and otherwise influential content creators in the digital space share inspirational and business-related anecdotes throughout the book, divulging intel on everything from entrepreneurial advice to the stories behind their handles—for Gamble, it's a combination of the states where she, her sister, and a close friend make their homes.

"When you're doing something you love, it doesn't feel like 'work,'" Gamble says in the book. "I also take pride in the idea that I can be an inspiration to all women by being able to speak my truth through my blog. Receiving messages and having conversations with women I've never met through shared experiences has been life-changing."

Prock, who runs Decor Gold Designs full-time, says the venture has afforded her greater opportunity, too, including more time to travel and refine her decorating and styling skills. "If I could go back to the beginning when I started my journey, I would tell myself to slow down," she says in the book. "My husband used to remind me that my business is a marathon and not a sprint. There is no rush. Everything doesn't have to be perfect from the start. I now know, as long as I do my best and stay true to myself, my business will thrive."

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Never did I ever think I would have the opportunity to be published in not only one but now two books for my design work!! I’m super grateful and thankful beyond words!! If you have not yet picked up your copy of the coffee table book - Stories From The Influencer Next Door - with so many of the bloggers and influencers you already follow (little ‘ole me is on page 58) then do it now!! It’s such a great book with so many fabulous stories about how so many of us “girls next door” got started in the business plus, it will be a great addition to your decor! I’ve linked it in the app for you along with all other photo resources here! #FollowMyStory 🍂Also, if you missed my fall bedroom tour published just yesterday it’s the 1st post down via the link in my profile...I hope you’ll Stop by🍂😘 #liketkit #ltkhome #ltkstyletip

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Hancock, who launched ZDesign at Home in 2016 when she was 46, echoes a major theme throughout the book: community. Though the act of blogging is often a solitary one, the proliferation of social media like Instagram has made people—from all walks of life and all over the world—more connected than ever. LTK influencers all stress the importance of finding your people.

"I work with a great group of women I met through social media and blogging," Hancock says. "We bounce ideas off of one another and support each other in order to help each individual in the group success in this wonderful world of influence." Stories from the Influencers Next Door is available on Amazon for $23.99.

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