"You can look expensive without wearing a floor-length gown." That was the theme at Rocky in the City II this past weekend at The Tasting Room in CityCentre, where Houston designer Rocky Boston presented an extension of her Utility Glam collection—fresh off the New York Fashion Week runway—but with more color.

"Lime green is a color I've been using," the designer said.

Boston used a variety of textures and fabrics, including fleece, to create a cropped, oversized turtleneck sweatshirt featuring multi-color plastic; sheer chiffon robes; pink faux fur; and metallics. The sheer chiffon robes were designed with a particular type of woman in mind: one who, if you ask to borrow a white T-shirt, will lead you to a closet filled with everything but that.

"This collection is very luxurious and upscale," Boston said. "I incorporated a lot of jewelry pieces and sparkly things into plain Jane fabrics, so it's a more luxurious version of what you would wear everyday."

Inspired by a trip to Home Depot, Boston found utility items she wanted to work into her designs. 

"I still wanted to keep the glam, but I wanted to add buckles and belts—almost armor-like, so that you could wear the dress to a gala, but if you wanted to add some edge to it, you could with the utility aspects," she said.

For her first collection in 2015, Boston created lace masks that became a signature for her brand. In this collection, the masks were made of netting to further fit the utility concept.

Boston told Houstonia her latest collection was designed with her close friends in mind, ones who attend a lot of events and want to look "expensive" without necessarily donning an evening gown.

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