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Your 11 Favorite Lifestyle Stories in 2018

From body cream to Beyoncé.

Edited by Abby Ledoux December 26, 2018

Is it just us, or did 2018 feel about as long as an entire decade? With the never-ending barrage of news alerts, it was especially imperative for our collective sanity to take a break from the more troubling stuff from time to time in favor of something, well, lighter. We aim to please here at Houstonia, and this year we were proud to be your destination for answers to such essential questions as where to go thrifting, who to follow on Instagram, and how to look like an extra in the Mamma Mia! sequel. Here are the 11 most-read stories from our lifestyle section in 2018.


1. This New Body Cream Is Like a Real-Life Instagram Filter

By Abby Ledoux

"I really put it to the test when I donned it pre-White Linen Night, coating my legs, arms, and décolletage before hitting W. 19th with the masses. Would this 3D3P Molecular Matrix hoobey-whatty hold up on a hot, debaucherous night out—in all white, no less? Short answer: yes."


2. The 34 Best Clothing Stores and Boutiques in Houston Right Now

By Abby Ledoux, Noah Nofz, and Najla Brown

"Wander in post-brunch and try to leave empty-handed. It's nearly impossible, even—especially—when you're not looking."


Image: Abby Ledoux

3. Google's Selfie Matching Portrait App Doesn't Work in Texas. Here's How to Fix That.

By Abby Ledoux

"I was actually satisfied with my comparison to a portrait of Martha Graham, the so-called mother of modern dance, who my coworker deemed “a f***ing LEGEND” while congratulating me for my 41 percent similarity."


4. 8 Quotes from Everything Is Love For Your Instagram Captions

By Abby Ledoux

"With a little help from our friends at Genius, we broke down the best lines to use while you flex on the ’gram all summer long. Prefer to find your own? It’s now streaming on Spotify, meaning you don’t need to make a new email address for another free trial of Tidal."


5. Our 13 Favorite Resale and Vintage Shops

By Abby Ledoux, Laura Furr Mericas, and Mary Cate Stevenson

"Houston's vast and rich resale landscape runs from bargain to Balenciaga and low-priced to Louis Vuitton."


6. A Legendary Houston Pageant Coach Makes His Major TV Debut With Mama June and Honey Boo Boo

By Abby Ledoux

"The man is well-known around these parts, even considered the best in the business by some, thanks to his ability to turn Texas wannabe pageant queens into crown- and sash-wearing stars."


7. Dress the Part as Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again Hits the Big Screen

By Anna Lassmann

"Not only did the movie tell a great story with great music, its costuming and romantic Greek setting breathed new life into eccentric, bohemian style."


8. 12 Houston Influencers to Follow for Outfit Inspiration

By Abby Ledoux

"The Dallas-based company behind the app, rewardStyle, has released its list of top style influencers in Houston, the “who’s who” of Instagram when it comes to trends, products, and what to do and see in the Bayou City."


9. Yoga Is for Everyone Thanks to Adriene Mishler

By Rebekah Kibodeaux

"Plagued by carpal tunnel aches and a tight lower back, I rev up the computer and prepare to find what feels good with Adriene Mishler."


Image: Abby Ledoux

10. The Fanciest Garage Sale You'll Ever Experience Is Open in River Oaks

By Abby Ledoux

"All the heavy hitters are represented in Houston’s pop-up, from Chanel and Louis Vuitton to Hermes and Givenchy. The prices are decidedly more than your average garage sale, yes, but also far below retail—a leather Hermes saddle (hello, rodeo) normally worth around $7,500 is available for $1,355."


11. Orangetheory Fitness Is Opening 6 New Houston Studios

By Abby Ledoux

"That expansion will grow Orangetheory’s Houston-area footprint to a whopping 20 locations, and franchise owners Jim Potesta and Marty Reichenthal plan to open as many as 25 in the greater Houston area before all is said and done."

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