I Downloaded Tidal For This

8 Quotes from Everything Is Love For Your Instagram Captions

Changed the game with that digital drop.

Photography by Abby Ledoux June 19, 2018

Houston's finest export, Beyoncé, and her husband, Jay-Z, dropped a joint album, Everything Is Love (yes, I know it's stylized in all capital letters, but I'd prefer to not scream right now) as The Carters on Saturday, June 16. Welcome out from under your rock! With a little help from our friends at Genius, we broke down the best lines to use while you flex on the 'gram all summer long. Prefer to find your own? It's now streaming on Spotify, meaning you don't need to make a new email address for another free trial of Tidal.


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Sippin' my favorite alcohol, got me so lit I need Tylenol.

Who said it: Beyonce and Jay Z, "Apeshit"
About what: Getting drunk.
Perfect shot: The best-looking frozen concoction at happy hour.


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Toes in the sand, momma gettin' fat stacks.

Who said it: Beyonce, "Boss"
About what: Making money.
Perfect shot: The ubiquitous legs-or-hot-dogs beach pic.


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My passport is tatted, it look like it's active.

Who said it: Jay-Z, "Nice"
About what: Frequent travel.
Perfect shot: A foreign locale as seen from in-flight, preferably with airplane wing in-shot.


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You came back, I let you set the date, Nobu on the plate.

Who said it: Jay-Z, "713"
About what: His first date with Yonce after her return from the Destiny's Child World Tour.
Perfect shot: Your first meal at Houston's brand new Nobu–duh.


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I put it down for the 713, and we still got love for the streets.

Who said it: Beyonce, "713"
About what: Representing Houston, to the tune of Dr. Dre's chorus on "Still D.R.E," also originally written by Jay-Z.
Perfect shot: The city skyline.


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Damn it, I love my life, Styrofoam cups, no ice.

Who said it: Beyonce, "Friends"
About what: Sippin' on that sizzurp.
Perfect shot: A shake from Whataburger–stay away from lean, kids.


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My friends are goals, your friends are foes.

Who said it: Beyonce, "Friends"
About what: Goals, of course, are Kelly and Michelle; foes, a play on "faux," as in fake friends.
Perfect shot: One with your besties.


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Louis slugger to your four-door, careful you get what you asked for.

Who said it: Beyonce, "Heard About Us"
About what: A reference to the bat-wielding, vengeful Yonce of "Hold Up"
Perfect shot: A fire post-breakup selfie–you know the kind.

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