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Is Houston's Most Instagrammable Location...the Toyota Center?

Well, kind of. It's the only spot in H-Town to crack a new list of the most hashtagged locations in the U.S.

By Abby Ledoux January 3, 2019

When you want to elevate your Insta feed, where do you go? Perhaps one of Houston's most photogenic murals. Possibly Present Company. Maybe the sherbet-hued stairs next to downtown's Sugar & Cloth Wall, or the Euro-chic Cafe Poetes, or Aqua S, or under the chandelier in the lobby at the Post Oak Hotel, or...the Toyota Center?

Yes, our downtown arena and home base of the Rockets has earned the improbable honor of being the only spot in the city to crack a new list of the most hashtagged locations in the U.S. from entertainment company Playpicks. Specifically, Toyota is No. 14 (out of 20) in the subcategory dedicated to arenas—falling behind NYC's Madison Square Garden, LA's Staples Center, Boston's TD Garden, and Paradise, Nevada's T-Mobile Arena (???)—but we'll still take it.

When it comes to the steep arena competition, we did beat out Orlando, Florida; Mankato, Minnesota; Portland, Oregon; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Tacoma, Washington; and Nashville, Tennessee with 89,652 posts shared from Toyota. And while Hidalgo's State Farm Arena clinched the No. 11 spot, we're happy to report nothing in Dallas managed to clear the top 20.

Houston is conspicuously missing from the rest of the list, which can be filtered by art museums, amusement parks, aquariums, beaches, casinos, festivals, and national parks. Most of the contenders are predictable, and warrant their spots—Times Square, Venice Beach, Disney World, the Grand Canyon, Coachella—but others left us scratching our heads. There's room for Rivers Casino & Resort in Schenectady, New York and Newport, Rhode Island's Folk Festival yet none for the Menil or Johnson Space Center or Kemah Boardwalk? Could it be that our landmarks and tourist attractions are simply so engrossing visitors just aren't posting (and tagging) photos, therefore skewing the count? We'll go with that.

For the curious, the top five most hashtagged locations in the country are: Disneyland Anaheim (19.8 million posts shared), Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom (9.4 million), Miami Beach (8.7 million), Central Park (6.1 million), and Long Beach (4.5 million). You can explore the whole list here.

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