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The CBD Craze Reaches Rice Village With Sacred Leaf Wellness

The new CBD shop opened on—wait for it—4/20.

By Jillian Goltzman May 13, 2019

Cindy Levin Moulton, Patti Plagmann, and Sam Moulton

From coffee to anti-aging creams, CBD is the latest coveted ingredient in the wellness and beauty scene, and as the demand for it explodes, Texas businesses are giving a new meaning to “going green.” Cindy Levin Moulton, co-founder of Sacred Leaf Wellness, saw more than just a buzzword—she saw a way to improve lives.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound found in the cannabis plant. The naturally occurring substance has become a key player in the wellness movement, as products boasting this trendy ingredient claim to tackle ailments like anxiety, stress, pain, and other movement disorders. Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive properties, meaning it won’t get you high.  

Sam Moulton helps customers at Sacred Leaf Wellness.

On April 20, a day beloved by cannabis fans, Sacred Leaf Wellness opened its doors in Rice Village at 2521 Rice Blvd. Moulton and her partners, Patti Plagmann and Leslie Ohayon, started Sacred Leaf Wellness as a way to leave a positive impact on their community. In their first few weeks of business, they've served a diverse array of Houstonians from ages 18 to 86.

Moulton, a Rice and UT School of Law alum, felt compelled to learn more about CBD after her friend’s mother was treated for Alzheimer’s. As her friend explained the difficulty of finding a reliable CBD supply in Houston, Moulton grew concerned. “I began doing research on what would be the most reliable and best product, and how we could provide that to the Houston community,” she tells Houstonia.

One motto of Sacred Leaf Wellness is that CBD offers all the benefits of marijuana without getting you high. The shop sources an organic, 0-percent THC product, one that Moulton describes as “seed to shelf,” referring to the production process—a sustainable way suppliers use the entire plant. Moulton's supplier grows cannabis in California, extracting the CBD for companies like Sacred Leaf Wellness and using the leftover components to sell to dispensaries in states like Colorado where the stuff is legal. “[My supplier] takes the hemp fibers that are remaining and donates them to charity to make clothing,” Moulton says. 

Reliability and purity are at the heart of the company’s products, and each has a corresponding batch number that can be referenced on the soon-to-launch Sacred Leaf Wellness website. The shop sells a medley of CBD products, including tinctures, capsules, edibles, vape cartridges, smokable flowers, body products, and more. Customers are encouraged to try product samples in-store.

Actress Joan Severance (and friend of Moulton) is pictured at the Rice Village shop.

Outside of the product line, Sacred Leaf Wellness is taking a holistic approach to wellness. The Rice Village store is also home to a studio where customers can do stretching and training. Plagmann, an exercise physiologist, addresses issues like pain, which gives clients “a full answer to what we can do for them,” Moulton says. 

If there's one thing Moulton’s certain of, it’s that CBD is a growing health movement. “People are going to, I hope, become more accepting of CBD as an alternative to pharmaceuticals,” she says. “I'm in favor of regulation that would control the quality and purity of product.”

And she's going all-in—Sacred Leaf Wellness will open a second location at 5650 Westheimer on June 1. “I’m putting more of my effort and time into trying to do some good in this world,” Moulton says.

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