7 Summer Trends to Nail Your Next Mani

Brush Box's Xena Huot breaks down the season's hottest looks.

By Abby Ledoux July 30, 2019

When was the last time you rifled through your nail salon's polish swatches only to land back on the same ballet pink you chose at your last five visits? If you hadn't heard, it's Hot Girl Summer, and we all need to step up our nail game. Options abound—sometimes overwhelmingly so—which is why we tapped local nail artist Xena Huot from Brush Box to give us some French tips for our next manicure.


Cue images of circa-1990 Miami Beach: Nothing says "summer" quite like neon. But two handfuls of electric yellow, traffic cone orange, or flamingo pink are decidedly not for the faint of heart. "It's rare to find those bold people who do all 10 fingers," Huot says. Want to test the waters? Try an accent nail.


If you're feeling more demure, there's another—chicer—color option that still pairs perfectly with a tan. "White is everyone's go-to this summer," says Huot, herself included. A full set is guaranteed to freshen up any look. "It's fresh, clean, and classy."


With a growing spectrum of glitter polishes in every hue under the sun, it's never been easier to go full disco ball on your nails. Think sparkling nails are relegated to special occasions like birthdays or New Year's Eve? Think again. As Huot can attest, plenty of people opt for bling just because.


Adding texture to your manicure is deceptively simple. "It looks so intricate," Huot says, but the technique only requires crunching up a piece of actual foil and dabbing it on a polished nail. With virtually any color and hundreds of foil patterns—from rainbow to zebra print—the combinations are endless.


At once futuristic and retro (Zenon, anyone?), chrome and holographic nails "are very in right now," Huot says. While some polishes offer the effect all in one place, it can also be achieved by dusting chrome powder atop a base coat.


"It's not only for your hair," Huot says. The dark-to-light blending effect is most commonly paired with a dip powder manicure—the method is lightweight, longer lasting, and less invasive than acrylics—but can also be sponged directly on the nail. "It has that smooth, natural transition going on," Huot says.


Why pick one hue when you could have five? This trend, which pairs varying shades of one color family, is a boon for the indecisive with the added bonus of turning your hands into a work of art.

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