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Gift Guide: Something for Everyone—and We Do Mean Everyone—in the Family

We did your Christmas shopping for you.

By Abby Ledoux October 28, 2019 Published in the November 2019 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Image: Jenn Duncan

For your dad, who has grown disturbingly comfortable with elastic waistbands:

RRL Studded Belt$245, STAG Provisions for Men, River Oaks

He’s not a regular dad, he’s a cool dad—one deserving of an Italian-made, hand-distressed piece studded with glass stones and inspired by a 1930s Western belt.

For your mom, who really just deserves something nice this year, doesn’t she?:

Ellie Crystal Earrings, $355, Christina Greene, christinagreene.com

Crystal quartz and 18-karat gold say, “Sorry for last year’s Old Navy scarf.”

For your sister, who still hasn’t stopped stealing your clothes:

MINKPINK Leopard Sweater, $76.95, Emerson Rose, The Heights and Montrose

Will she relinquish your favorite cardigan now? Don’t hold your breath.

For your brother, who knows we're about to win it all:

Harden/Westbrook 2020 Tee, $32, Rockets Shop at the Toyota Center, Downtown

Finally, one ticket we can all agree on.

For your globe-trotting in-laws, who you’re honestly okay with seeing just once a year:

Happiness Pot$149, Wisteria, Upper Kirby

Elegant, hand-painted Chinese porcelain is sure to charm the world travelers.

For your cousin, the aspiring SoundCloud rapper:

Houston Rap Tapes: An Oral History of Bayou City Hip-Hop$29.95, Brazos Bookstore, Southampton

Support his passion without having to listen to his mixtape.

For your baby nephew, whose only personality so far is clothing-related:

Houston Onesie, $34, Space Montrose, Montrose

A charming (and machine-washable!) outfit for the stylish babe deep in the heart of Texas.

For your uncle, the O&G OG:

“Black Gold” Socks, $24, Paris Texas Apparel, Tanglewood

Show him that you care … and have an elementary understanding of what exactly he does for Chevron.

For your aunt, who’s definitely voting for Marianne Williamson:

Chakra Oils Roll-On Pack$79.95, Source Vital, Uptown

Now she can balance her energy centers on the way to her Reiki healing sesh.

For your grandparents, with a healthy dose of humor:

Jonathan Adler Tray, $68, Laurier Blanc, Boulevard Oaks

Cheeky home décor: Just what the doctor ordered.

For your niece, who’s pursuing a “career” as an influencer:

Mini Brush Set$99, Jentry Kelley, Montrose

Her 200,000 Instagram followers will thank you after her next makeup tutorial.

For a very, very good boy (or girl):

Grrrona Dog Toy$13, Funny Fur, River Oaks

Don’t forget something for the only one who’s always on your nice list.

For someone’s significant other, who you suspect won’t last through the New Year:

The Little Black Box, $20, Cacao & Cardamom, multiple locations

You’ve got to get them something … gourmet chocolates will ease the coming pain.

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