Image: Jenn Duncan

For your dad, who has grown disturbingly comfortable with elastic waistbands:

RRL Studded Belt$245, STAG Provisions for Men, River Oaks

He’s not a regular dad, he’s a cool dad—one deserving of an Italian-made, hand-distressed piece studded with glass stones and inspired by a 1930s Western belt.

For your mom, who really just deserves something nice this year, doesn’t she?:

Ellie Crystal Earrings, $355, Christina Greene,

Crystal quartz and 18-karat gold say, “Sorry for last year’s Old Navy scarf.”

For your sister, who still hasn’t stopped stealing your clothes:

MINKPINK Leopard Sweater, $76.95, Emerson Rose, The Heights and Montrose

Will she relinquish your favorite cardigan now? Don’t hold your breath.

For your brother, who knows we're about to win it all:

Harden/Westbrook 2020 Tee, $32, Rockets Shop at the Toyota Center, Downtown

Finally, one ticket we can all agree on.

For your globe-trotting in-laws, who you’re honestly okay with seeing just once a year:

Happiness Pot$149, Wisteria, Upper Kirby

Elegant, hand-painted Chinese porcelain is sure to charm the world travelers.

For your cousin, the aspiring SoundCloud rapper:

Houston Rap Tapes: An Oral History of Bayou City Hip-Hop$29.95, Brazos Bookstore, Southampton

Support his passion without having to listen to his mixtape.

For your baby nephew, whose only personality so far is clothing-related:

Houston Onesie, $34, Space Montrose, Montrose

A charming (and machine-washable!) outfit for the stylish babe deep in the heart of Texas.

For your uncle, the O&G OG:

“Black Gold” Socks, $24, Paris Texas Apparel, Tanglewood

Show him that you care … and have an elementary understanding of what exactly he does for Chevron.

For your aunt, who’s definitely voting for Marianne Williamson:

Chakra Oils Roll-On Pack$79.95, Source Vital, Uptown

Now she can balance her energy centers on the way to her Reiki healing sesh.

For your grandparents, with a healthy dose of humor:

Jonathan Adler Tray, $68, Laurier Blanc, Boulevard Oaks

Cheeky home décor: Just what the doctor ordered.

For your niece, who’s pursuing a “career” as an influencer:

Mini Brush Set$99, Jentry Kelley, Montrose

Her 200,000 Instagram followers will thank you after her next makeup tutorial.

For a very, very good boy (or girl):

Grrrona Dog Toy$13, Funny Fur, River Oaks

Don’t forget something for the only one who’s always on your nice list.

For someone’s significant other, who you suspect won’t last through the New Year:

The Little Black Box, $20, Cacao & Cardamom, multiple locations

You’ve got to get them something … gourmet chocolates will ease the coming pain.

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