Crap, That's This Weekend?

7 Last-Minute Houston-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Pick your favorite hometown hero (or star of an infamous scandal).

By Abby Ledoux October 23, 2019

Halloweekend is rapidly approaching, and sure, you could throw on last year’s cat ears with a black dress or grab something prepackaged at a party store on the way home from work, but where’s the fun in that? A creative costume needn't be overly involved—or expensive. You probably have half of this stuff in your closet already. We’ll even let you take all the credit when everyone inevitably loves your get-up.

Slim Thug

H-Town cred: The “Still Tippin'” rapper, whose latest alter-ego is “Sugar Daddy Slim,” is proudly Northside born and raised.

Inspiration: Sugar Daddy Slim

Get the look: H&M Straw Hat ($9.99), H&M Sunglasses ($12.99), Zara Linked Metal Chain ($25.90), Tommy Bahama "Hibiscus Hues" Camp Shirt ($125)


Lynn Wyatt

H-Town cred: Legendary queen of the Houston social scene, she’s River Oaks royalty.

Inspiration: Lynn Wyatt

Get the look: Party City Marilyn Monroe Wig ($19.99), Forever 21 Rhinestone Drop Earrings ($9.99), Asos Faux Fur Coat ($83)


Simone Biles

H-Town cred: The most decorated gymnast in world championship history grew up in Spring.

Inspiration: Simone Biles

Get the look: Mesh Ballet Leotard ($22.90), Claire's Hair Bows ($7), Gold Medal(s) with Ribbon ($1.49/ea.—you'll need four.)


Elizabeth Holmes

H-Town cred: The disgraced CEO of now-defunct Silicon Valley blood-testing startup Theranos went to St. John’s School.

Inspiration: Elizabeth Holmes

Get the look: Zara Turtleneck Sweater ($35.90), Sephora Waterproof Eyeliner ($12), uncombed hair and unnaturally deep speaking voice (priceless)


George Foreman

H-Town cred: The original Houstonian “sellin’ everybody grills” grew up in the Fifth Ward.

Inspiration: George Foreman

Get the look: Everlast Training Gloves ($34.99), George Foreman 4-Serving Grill ($43.96)


H-Town cred: Everyone’s favorite body-positive rapper/flautist got her start in Alief, where she lived between Detroit and Minneapolis.

Inspiration: Lizzo

Get the look: Forever 21 Mesh-Trim Bodysuit ($27.99), Yamaha Recorder ($7.49), Feather Boa ($11.91)

Lisa Nowak

H-Town cred: She was the first astronaut to be arrested—initially for attempted kidnapping of her former lover’s new girlfriend—but you know her better for the fact that she allegedly wore “maximum-absorption garments” on the infamous 950-mile drive from League City to Orlando.

Inspiration: Lisa Nowak

Get the look: Astronaut Costume ($32.99), Maximum Absorbency Briefs ($17.99), Mace Pocket Pepper Spray ($14.99)

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