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This Houston Designer is Mixing Work Wear with Comfort

Cotidié founder Kristina Haag is so over choosing between style and comfort.

By Abby Ledoux March 2, 2020 Published in the March 2020 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Kristina Haag poses with clothes from her e-commerce brand, Cotidié. 

Image: Marco Torres

A BLAZER AND TROUSERS AS COMFY AS YOUR VINYASA GETUP? It’s not a dream—at least not anymore. In June of last year, Houston native Kristina Haag launched her e-commerce brand, Cotidié (, with locally made, minimalist pieces that are the stuff of a working woman’s fantasy. Think swingy culottes, tailored jackets, and blouses with pleated backs that are super-stretchy, breathable, moisture-wicking—and polished enough for the boardroom. A Rice grad, Haag was working in the family business—manufacturing fiberglass conduit, of all things— when she had her stroke of genius. Her background was in fashion marketing, not design, but some dreams are just meant to be followed.

On Cotidié’s origins:

I was at River Oaks District with some girlfriends in peak summer. We were walking around, and we were all just sweating like no other. I was so uncomfortable, but one of my friends was wearing a tennis dress that was passable enough for normal everyday wear, and that’s when we started to talk about why aren’t there more options like this? There are things here and there, but there’s no brand that’s fully committed to fashionable clothing for women made from performance fabrics. That’s when I was like, might as well try.

On how it differs from other brands:

I don’t like how so many of these companies, their tagline is kind of like, wear your workout clothes to work. Why can’t work clothes just be comfortable to begin with? Aday has a similar concept to Cotidié but on more of the casual side. I remember looking to them for inspiration and just wishing that there were more polished garments than what they were producing.

On comfort versus style:

There’s no reason to have to choose anymore. It’s perfectly acceptable if you want to go that route of wearing your Lululemon leggings into the office, but I just don’t see why a normal pair of workwear trousers can’t be comfortable and stretchy, too.

On seasonal collections:

Obviously we won’t be selling sweatshirts in the middle of the summer, but for the most part, everything that you see online will always be available. Every style is pretty much evergreen. I see most of what is offered as those timeless, stylish, classic pieces that you would wear over and over.

On her personal style:

First of all, it’s comfortable—I wouldn’t have started Cotidié if that wasn’t the number one thing I strive for—and as far as aesthetic, very classic. When I was younger, my favorite style stars were actually Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly—just that classic, old-Hollywood-glamour type of look. I feel like a lot of what they wore back then is still relevant to what we’re wearing today.

On style inspiration today:

Olivia Palermo is my be-all, end-all style star—I love everything about her.

On how she wears her own designs:

Everything can be mixed and matched. I wear ripped-up jeans all the time—my soft, comfy, oversized boyfriend jeans—and I can pair them with any one of our shirts. And even though this wasn’t what I intended for the brand, there are some pieces, like the Meredith tank, that I’ll wear into a meeting and then into a class at Define.

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