Step away from the blue light

6 Screen-Free Summer Activities That Make Staying Home a Blast

Unplug during date night or quality time with family, and support local businesses in the process.

By Kaitlyn Miller July 16, 2020

If you’re anything like us, you haven’t been totally screen-free in months. Between 24/7 news updates, Zoom calls, and virtual meetups bringing us constant information and entertainment, we’re lucky if we get a morning walk in without a ring or social media notification interrupting the little time we take away from blue light.

So, if you’re needing some distance from your phone or laptop, or maybe a reminder that fun at home doesn’t have to be paired with technology to be worthwhile, these activities will come to the rescue. Oh, and did we mention they’re all sold by local businesses here in Houston?

Build a Home for Your New Succulent

If you love plants but are somehow able to kill a cactus, try Houston-based Succulent Bar’s Geometric Terrarium Succulent Kit. Design your own mini plant sanctuary that makes for a chic, sophisticated decoration and will brighten any room. For $70 you’ll get the terrarium; three live succulents; all the soil, moss, and rocks you need to plant them; and decorative stones to add some flair to your plants’ new home. With a detailed planting and care instructions manual included to make sure that anyone can keep the succulents alive (no green thumb needed), this little succulent kit serves as a perfect gift, new decor piece, or DIY treat for yourself. 

Have an At-Home Wine Tasting

For a limited time, Rainbow Lodge is offering At Home Wine Tasting Kits To Go available for purchase every Friday morning at 10 a.m. Embodying a new theme every week, each kit contains four 375-ml bottles of wine chosen by their sommelier; each bottle is paired with a dish made by executive chef Mark Schmidt that’s specifically tailored to complement the notes of the wine. Between these pairings and the tasting notes included in the kit, you can conduct a full wine tasting from your dining table. Retailing at $89, this deal can be purchased on their website while supplies last.

Customize Your Self-Care Spa Day

Sure, a bubble bath is one way to show yourself some love, but Source Vitál’s at-home spa experience takes self-care to a new level. Walk yourself through a four-stage spa experience using the same products professionals love with the apothecary’s Spa From Home Custom Kit. For $99.95, choose a facial mask, a serum, a body treatment, bath salts, and a soy wax candle based on your needs and preferences. While on their website you can also browse through their selection of skin care products, essential oils, and their men’s line, Sir Vitál, to make your self-care dreams come true. 

Make Your Own Custom Candles

A boredom cure that also makes the whole house smell like cedar wood and lavender? Count us in. Forth and Nomad, a local company dedicated to lifting up small brands’ high-quality products, is now selling The Candle Kit, supplying you with everything you need to make two candles at home from scratch. Choose one of their pre-made candle scent sets, like Simply Citrus or Flower Shop, or pick five individual fragrances to start your candle-making journey. You can purchase a kit on their website for $49, and create the perfect scent for your home.

Become an Expert Cheesemaker

Are you a pro at making mac ‘n' cheese? Do you want to take things to the next level? Trying your hand at cheesemaking might just be a new hobby that could make you the next Julia Child. Allied Kenco Sales, a local butcher supply house that offers a massive variety of resources for cooks and BBQ pitmasters alike, has everything you need for a “gouda time” in their online store. With a wide selection of instruction books, recipes, ingredients, and utensils dedicated to the art of cheesemaking, you'll be a cheese expert in no time.

Design Your Own Temporary Tattoo

Being at home for so long has left us wondering about what we’ll do when it’s safe to go back to “normal.” For some that might mean finally getting that tattoo we’ve been wanting since March. If this is you, you should visit Jerry’s Artarama of Houston’s website stat. For $10.49 you can purchase a Jacquard Jagua Temporary Tattoo Kit that allows you to design your own temporary tattoo, and it supplies you with everything you need for realistic-looking art that can last for one to two weeks. Whether you’re looking to test out if an intricate design should be permanently inked on your forearm or you just want to draw some matching hearts on you and your best friend, this temporary tattoo kit can be an exciting cure for feeling bored at home. 

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