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How to Incorporate Your Face Mask into Your Halloween Costume

Simple ways to look boo-tiful while staying safe on October 31.

By Kaitlyn Miller October 21, 2020

Here’s something spooky: All Hallows Eve is rapidly approaching, and we have yet to think about what character we'll transform into when the last day of October rounds the corner.  Unlike most years where some cat ears and a few eyeliner-drawn whiskers will save the day, this year’s Halloween will require us to mask up if we plan to see small groups of friends or family. 

Luckily, local Houstonian and spooky season savant Miranda Enzor, creator of Spooky Little Halloween, a blog dedicated to celebrating October 31 365 days a year, gave us her expertise on how to make your costume and face mask a match made in heaven (or in the graveyard…‘tis the season). Whether you’re ready to get crafting, looking for some online retail therapy, or need a quick fix, here are some fun ways to make your Covid-19 costume one you’ll remember for many Halloweens to come.

Get Your DIY On

Coordinating your costume and mask at home can be as easy as saying “trick-or-treat,” even if you’re a strange visitor from another world when it comes to DIY. Enzor recommends picking out prominent colors, details, and designs in your costume and finding clever ways to replicate them in your mask. 

If you’re a whiz with a bedazzler and a sewing machine, the sky’s the limit with how intricate you can make your mask. If you’re just looking for one that’ll complement your costume’s color, going this route will also likely be your best bet to save money. “When you pop into a lot of the big box stores, like the Walmarts and Targets of the world, it seems like a lot of places have masks upfront and for relatively cheap these days,” says Enzor. “Taking one home and customizing it, I think would be an easy and quick way to go about just throwing that on and adding it to your costume.” 

Support Small Online Shops

If you’re anything like us here at Houstonia, the prolonged stay-at-home order has made you an expert at hitting the “buy with one-click” button. Shopping online for festive masks is one of the best ways to go about getting creative while supporting independent sellers and small businesses in the process. “Etsy has been a really great resource, especially for finding more custom kinds of things,” says Enzor.

Whether you’re going as Cinderella—and looking for the perfect mask to accompany you to the ball—or want to show up as Brittany Spears with a custom “Oops, I did it again” mask, there’s likely a seller on Etsy for you. Or, head over to Amazon, and you’ll be greeted by a variety of masks that’ll be the cherry on top of any animal, skeleton, or mustachioed villain costume you’re looking to conquer.

Return to the Basics

Don’t think we forgot about the easiest hack of them all: Find a classic costume that already comes with a mask. “There are so many,” says Enzor. “Things you probably see a lot of. Doctors or, you know, just the latex face masks that everybody grew up with and loves.” Turning into a surgeon or a masked ghoul is a quick fix that’ll keep your face protected while only requiring one short visit to your local Halloween store.

If fully committing to dressing up isn’t your thing, and you’d prefer to keep things subdued with a Halloween T-shirt, why not find (or make) a mask that will still capture the spooky spirit? “Even something as simple as having one that’s a solid color and, if you wanted, putting ‘Happy Halloween’,” says Enzor. 

Shop Local

If you wake up on October 30 and realize your closet is still calling out for a costume, you’re in luck. There’s a wealth of costume shops spanning the city that’ll have your back no matter how short notice your shopping may be. According to Enzor, Arne’s Warehouse is a great first spot to hit. “That one is always a favorite just for Halloween in general, so if you needed something last-minute that would be a great place to pop in, and a local place to support, too.” Or, if you just need something convenient and quick, Enzor assures us that Spirit Halloween stores can be found all across H-Town, and never fail to disappoint. 

On the hunt for something specific and need a list of potential places that could give you exactly what you need? Here’s our detailed list of the best local places to go to find a last minute costume that’ll still be a standout. 


373 W 19th St. (713) 861-1950

Danny’s Trix & Kix

3400 FM 2920, Spring. (281) 353-6618

Leopard Lounge

1657 Westheimer Rd. (713) 526-5100

The Fashion Time Machine

2608 Dunlavy St. (281) 804-9624

Joe Sam’s Fun Shop

1612 Southmore Ave, Pasadena. (713) 472-8110

Houston’s Galaxy Halloween

21311 Katy Fwy, Katy. (281) 599-8066

Performing Arts Supply Company

6115 Milwee St. (713) 681-8688

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