You might’ve heard of cottagecore—the “I live in a fairy-tale English garden but I make my own sourdough” aesthetic—which slowly evolved throughout the 2010s and took off last year.

Need regencycore inspo? Channel Phoebe Dynevor in Bridgerton.

Well, now there’s a new style in ‘ton—“regencycore,” at least until the season ends. Spurred on by the recent influx of period dramas, Jane Austen adaptations, and, of course, Netflix’s wildly popular series Bridgerton, regencycore embraces the fashions of 19th century England and brings it into the 21st century (H&M is even collaborating with Brock Collection on a Regency-inspired summer line). 

What does regencycore look like? Think delicate patterns, florals, puff sleeves, high waistlines, corset tops, pearled accessories, a pair of flats, and glamorous jewelry. Take all those pieces, make it extravagant, and then you’re there. 

Want to hop on the bandwagon? Or at least into the back of the carriage? We’ve rounded up some local regencycore looks you can don for your next summer soirée. 

Just don’t forget your opera gloves.

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