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Houston, There’s a Dirt Bag in Montrose

The former Wet My Plant shop now sells soils, pots, and plants.

By Brittany Cristiano June 23, 2021

For almost a year, a little shop off West Gray, Wet My Plant, has been a must-stop for Houston-area plant enthusiasts. The shop, which owners Jessica Cohen and Colin Gardeepi opened in September 2020, is known for its cheeky pots and plethora of houseplants—you could find nearly anything you want to fill your living spaces, like a Monstera Deliciosa or a Pilea Peperomioides.

“I wanted people to focus on something other than the pandemic, and focus on something that can heal,” Cohen tells Houstonia about opening the shop last year.

After a successful first year almost under its belt, Wet My Plant, with Gardeepi at its helm, ventured out of the 610 Loop last month to a little bungalow in Old Town Spring to continue primarily selling plants, according to Cohen. However, as of this past Monday, you might have noticed Wet My Plant’s West Gray location bears the Wet My Plant name no more.

That’s because Cohen saw an opportunity to pursue an idea that’d been brewing for a while, and it included needing to part ways with the Wet My Plant brand.

Enter Dirt Bag.

No, literally, the shop is now named Dirt Bag, and, yes, you can buy actual dirt bags.

During her time with Wet My Plant, Cohen noticed an abundance of regular plant shops appearing around the city and felt the Houston gardening community needed a go-to place to buy fashionable pots and a good soil mix—a store with less of an emphasis on buying plants.

“We had a lot of people who come in to buy plants, but they’re often looking for fertilizer, or different types of soil,” Cohen says. “But I also noticed a lot of customers tend to overwater and don’t water enough, and so I was playing around with different soils [to help customers].”

She then stumbled upon success with a mixture of peat moss, pine bark, and pumice that is now sold at Dirt Bag for $10. There are also a few other mixes created for different types of plants.

Cohen says the shop also offers pottery and ceramics from businesses like Capra Designs and Moonshine Design, as well as some specialty plants you might not commonly see at other plant shops.

“We want to focus more on the [plant] things that you don’t always see everywhere,” Cohen says. 

And it starts with letting a dirt bag into your life.

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