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British Sneaker Brand to Expand to Saks Houston This Year

Mallet London will have a spot in the Galleria this November.

By Kelsy Armstrong August 3, 2021

Mallet London doesn’t want to just be known in the city it originated in, but around the world. The British sneaker brand, which has been worn by celebrities including Drake, Todd Gurley, and Connor McGregor is expanding into Saks Houston this November.

Creative director, Tommy Mallet found a love for fashion as a teenager and wanted to create a brand that was accessible and affordable — something that his younger self would appreciate. Over time, the brand has turned into a project that reflects his beginnings as many of the sneakers are named after streets and areas that are familiar. 

Established in 2015, Mallet London now has 150 stores around the world  — the United Kingdom, parts of Europe, as well as Korea, South Africa, and Dubai.

After expanding throughout London and Europe, Mallet believed that naturally, the next move was to break into the United States, and has built storefronts in Beverly Hills and Miami. Right now, Mallett is using an all-or-nothing approach to expansion and finds growing the brand challenging and exciting as he is exploring new territory. 

“It means everything to me at the moment,” Mallet says.  “I'm putting all my hours I can in, I'm employing the best people out there to make it happen, taking some really good advice from people who've done it before.”

Expanding to larger markets came with its own set of challenges that started five years ago, and lacking the experience and knowledge in business development was a hurdle. 

“We were basically just trying every different avenue trying to get stores around the world and it never worked, obviously also a lot of hard work,” Mallet says. “It was just getting a lot of no's, but then we realized that we never had substance to what we were doing.” 

While Mallet has not yet visited Houston, he is excited to see the city and meet the people.

Mallet London can be found both online and in high-end stores. Mallet London will make its way to Houston this November. 

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