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Cosigned by God Is Where Fashion and Faith Meet

The streetwear brand you may recognize from its billboard on I-10.

By Shelby Stewart August 18, 2021

Cosigned by God's nude tee. 

Streetwear has always held meaning 一 its roots exist in the underground culture from the 1980s through the '90s including graffiti, hip-hop, and skateboarding, which still exists today. But what about religion?

Cosigned by God is the Houston-based streetwear brand that fills in the gap. 

Created by Tianna Jenkins, the spiritual label birthed right here in the city is the consummate intersection of streetwear and divinity. Branded as “simplistic streetwear for the Kingdom of God,” the brand features an assortment of merchandise, like tees and bucket hats. 

The brand chose its name because, “your existence is a reflection of God, and God has already cosigned your future,”  according to their founder, Tianna Jenkins. Cosigned by God launched in March of 2021 amongst friends and family, and soon turned into something much greater. 

“When it comes to streetwear [Cosigned by God] is basically bridging the gap between what you see in like a Supreme or a Bape, and brands like that,” says the founder. “I wanted to create a message that shows people that, God is cool too.”

By creating “simplistic streetwear for the Kingdom of God,” the brand is spreading positivity throughout the Houston area with its signature apparel. Gaining some immense traction in the city, you can catch a billboard, on I-10 eastbound, promoting the label.

Cosigned by God's billboard on I10 in Houston. 

In the long list of achievements for Cosigned by God, it first started with a commendation from Mayor Sylvester Turner in May. What began as Taina showing a few friends some pieces, turned into gifting merchandise to Turner. However, the mayor isn’t the only high-profile figure that has been blessed with merch 一 gospel artists Tye Tribbett and Kirk Franklin are also fans. 

Jenkins says that while the brand is rooted in Christianity, it welcomes all. “I love all of God’s people,” Jenkins says. 

The 2021 Kingdom of God collection, includes an assortment of tee shirts, corduroy bucket hats and soon to be added to the brand’s roster is, “dad hats” All pieces are built with a unisex cut and made from 100-percent premium cotton. Featured colorways include black and nude. Along with your purchase from Cosigned by God, you might also find a few other accessories to add to your cart, like a bracelet and keychain

“I just want Cosigned by God to be a brand in Houston that everybody knows and loves,” Jenkins tells Houstonia. “No matter who you are or where you come from. I want people to feel that they can incorporate this brand into their lifestyle 一 just as you would with a brand like Nike and Adidas.”

To learn more about Cosigned by God, visit cosignedbygod.co

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