"Everything Must Grow" tees from local brand, Dreauxlusional. 

Image: Dreauxlusional 

There’s a cosmic fashion logo you’ve probably seen all over Houston. It appears on baseball caps, tops, jogger pants, and even collared polos. "Dreauxlusional, by definition, a state of being the body experiences when dressing too fly for reality," says company founder Lacey Dreaux

While many streetwear brands scatter by adding their logo to the typical t-shirt and jogger pants, Lacey Dreaux of Dreauxlusional takes her streetwear designs to the next level. As a self-proclaimed “muse of materials,” her designs utilize an array of different art forms一airbrush, tie-dye, embroidery, and sewn designs.  

Dreauxlusional has been in existence for over five years, starting in 2015, creating for "the outcasts and the people who don’t want to fit in and want to stand out from the crowd," Dreaux explains. The moniker for the fashion line serves as a play on her last name, Dreaux. Despite having lived in Houston for most of her life, the spelling of her label name is a nod to her roots in New Orleans, Louisiana. "It took me a while to figure out a name for the brand, and I had to ask myself the question, 'How can I express myself in the form of clothing?' I came to the word delusional and thinking back to high school, people always called me by my full name, so I just combined the two," the founder tells Houstonia

The brand is resurging popular fashions of the late 90s and early 2000’s with t-shirts embellished with airbrush designs, and shorts reminiscent of old video games like Grand Theft Auto. “When it comes to clothes, I’ve tried a lot of different things, I never want to place limits on myself on what I can come up with or create,” Dreaux says. “As a self-taught artist, I’m constantly rebranding and reinventing myself." 

Despite COVID-19 wreaking havoc on small businesses, Dreaux says the pandemic was the perfect breeding ground for her creativity. Amid quarantine shutdowns when consumers were consistently online shopping; coupled with the ongoing social justice movement, Dreaux was able to create pieces that held substantial meaning, like her custom Black Lives Matter masks and Everything Must Grow tees. “There was a lot of love shown to Black-owned brands, especially those that were offering something trendy or different."

Always thinking outside the box with her craft, the founder has created her own iterations of some of today’s trendiest designs, like the women’s buckle tops and unisex velour tracksuits. In the future, Dreaux hopes to expand into a larger market, beyond the southern region. "In the long term, I see my brand making it to New York Fashion Week."

To purchase Dreauxlusional, visit their Instagram. 

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