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Stylist Ashley Sanchez Unlocks the Secrets to a Trendy Wardrobe in Houston

Here's how to keep transitional pieces in your closet year round.

By Danielle Wright September 15, 2021

With fall peeking in, most would think it’s time to ditch those easy going tanks  or go-to shorts to transition into a new season, but Houston’s humidity says no way. Unlike the rest of the country, a southern fall means inconsistent weather and sticky  temps. So what exactly does a someone wear in  October when it’s too hot for sweaters yet off season for cami’s? 

Houstonia pulled in Ashley Sanchez from the online personal styling service Stitch Fix on her expertise to pull off the sleek season, and the underrated keyword to answer our problem? Layers.

“From cardigans to cargo jackets, layers are a Houstonian’s best friend,” Sanchez explains.  “In early fall, reach for lightweight cardigans made of fabrications like rayon or cotton that will provide breathability as the weather warms throughout the day.” 

There’s no doubt that NYC is the fashion capital , but why not bring it to the south? Sanchez spills the deets on which fabrics Houstonians should take advantage of to create one’s own true NYC fall inspired look. 

“While the fall season in New York may require more heavyweight layers, fall fashion is all about texture, color, and pattern -- from leather to cashmere, rust to marigold, and plaid to houndstooth and everything in between,” elaborates Sanchez.  “The perfect fall outfit for a Houstonian can combine elements of all three in more breathable fabrications and lightweight layered looks.”

Read ahead to unlock the secrets to make it through fall with Sanchez’s perfect Astroworld outfit, major do’s and don’ts, the most overlooked garment of the season and more.

Houstonia: What are some fashion dos and don’ts to avoid in the fall season?

Sanchez: One ‘do’ when it comes to fall fashion is to shop your own wardrobe. While it may be tempting to pack away the spring and summer items in your closet, some of these pieces can easily be transitioned into an autumnal outfit. Floral mini dresses and skirts can be styled with tights, leggings, and booties to stay seasonally relevant and on-trend. Of course, it’s equally as important to equip your wardrobe with fall staples - from sweaters and turtlenecks to scarves and boots. This will ensure you’re dressed to impress no matter the occasion! 

My biggest fashion ‘don’t’ when it comes to fall is abandoning your own personal sense of style.  While the change in season tempts us towards moody maroons or the greens, browns, and oranges of the changing leaves outside, dare to be different! If bright colors, boho accents, or bold prints are your preference, look for playful pieces that stay true to you, but will keep you bundled when and if you need extra warmth. 

With everyone bearing a different body type, what are some tips on styling for fall weather for each?

At Stitch Fix, we encourage everybody and everybody to wear pieces that exude their unique sense of style and help them to feel like their best self. No matter your body type or the season, I always encourage my clients to focus on defining their favorite part of their body. During fall months, this can mean showcasing your collarbones with v-neck sweaters or elongating your legs with a pair of knee-high boots. 

For bustier clients, I recommend oblong scarves, as opposed to infinities, as these can often add bulk and draw attention to your top half. Oblong scarves provide more versatility in styling with lots of options on how to tie and can help to provide a flattering drape effect that prevents adding additional volume on top.

Houston is gearing up for its Astroworld festival in November, what would be the perfect fall-inspired festival look? 

As you prepare for Astroworld fest in November, the temperamental weather of fall in Houston is important to keep in mind. While shorts may seem like the right move, an uber-distressed pair of straight-leg jeans is my recommendation for a trendy option to get your festival ‘fit started. Style them with a colorful bodysuit or fitted top to add contrast to the baggier style of the season’s biggest denim trend. Nothing screams fall quite like pops of plaid and an oversized button-down is the perfect lightweight layer to add on top to keep you cozy and help you achieve that chic, borrowed from the boys look.

When the weather warms through the day, you can throw a subtle nod to the 90’ by tying it around your waist!  For added festival flair, opt for moody maroon lipstick, a leather belt bag, and chunky gold jewelry. If you’re lucky enough to get your hand on a pair, bring the heat to your feet and complete your ‘La Flame” inspired look with Travis Scott’s own Nike Dunks.

What is an underrated garment people don’t gravitate towards but makes all the difference when styling for fall?

One often overlooked fall staple is legwear. While tights are a popular addition underneath dresses and skirts in the fall season, stylish socks are an underrated accessory that can bring fun fall flair to your outfit. Crocheted or fuzzy boots socks can add a pop of color over black leggings and also provide additional warmth in the cooler weather. Feeling an edgier vibe? Fishnet and mesh socks can help you achieve the look when paired with chunky lug-soled boots or booties. 

What are three types of jackets perfect for Houston’s weather that’ll keep you warm just right?

In early fall, reach for lightweight cardigans made of fabrications like rayon or cotton that will provide breathability as the weather warms throughout the day. Another tried and true closet staple perfect for early to mid-fall is the denim jacket. Easy and effortless, this classic layering piece is just enough to knock the early morning chill off but won’t weigh you down. For the safest bet to keep you comfortable throughout the day, I recommend wearing short to three-quarter length sleeves underneath to offer versatility and keep you cool when removing your layers in the heat of the day. 

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