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This Brand Is Reviving Houston’s Streetwear Culture

The emerging label ‘Made By A Playa’ has seen positive feedback from the Houston community.

By Shelby Stewart September 8, 2021


'Made By A Playa' is one of Houston's emerging streetwear brands.

Houston’s OG rap scene is all about authenticity and longevity一birthing a generation of iconic artists like Paul Wall and Killa Kyleon. So much, that the culture is being upheld by this generation of star players including Gianni Fenocchi, the creator of ‘Made By A Playa.’  

The Houston-based label, which has been in business a little over a year has a growing following on social media and has already received a positive response from the community. Fenocchi says that he’s seen an influx of sales, and plans to release a new collection of Made By A Playa merchandise, making the apparel “a brand that’s impossible to overlook.”


For years, the term ‘playa’ has been a part of Houston’s urban terminology as a meaning of endearment for those who drive nice cars, dress well and maintain a luxurious lifestyle. While the term holds multiple meanings for different communities, Fenocchi takes a more positive approach to the word. “Being a playa also means to be the flyest one in the room,” the designer explains. 

Fenocchi, 21, tells Houstonia that it's all about, "not caring about what other people think and just taking care of your people and your paper.” The brand represents one of the key elements to being a prominent figure, looking the part and having confidence in who you are. 

The label's signature piece is their Playa’s Live Forever varsity jacket, in brown and white, decked out with black and white stars. The new apparel is notably a fan favorite, according to Fenocchi.  In addition to the signature jacket, Made By A Playa also has a line of stamped apparel including tee shirts and DJ Screw-inspired hoodies.

The future for these statement pieces include a new fall and winter collection featuring a line of hoodies and sweatsuits, and a "big collaboration" with another another brand based in Houston. "I want Made By A Playa to be known for being a reliable and high-quality brand," the designer concludes. 

To purchase Made By A Playa, visit their website

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