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Following the Pink! A SheSpace Fashion Show in honor of breast cancer awareness month, the women-led workplace hosted a branding seminar led by Shespace Member Barbara Liphor. Five-year owner of Blip Creative Studio, Liphor taught the perfect strategy in achieving a successful personal brand.

Thanks to social media’s heavy influence on the way society lives today, branding is no longer limited to a product, but now includes yourself. Instagram, TikTok and the vintage 2014 app Vine, have created the latest career on the market-Influencer. A person who gets paid to post relative content on social media, which in turn grants them deals, promotions, and subjective fame. However, whether you want to be an influencer, or not, anyone with an active social media account is a walking brand. 

While figuring out how to configure your personal brand, according to Liphor, many resort to thinking about the visual aspect, fonts, colors and logos. However, the first step in creating longevity is a strategy. 

“Before you go into the brand, you need to develop a brand strategy, which is the purpose, your personality, the mission and values, ideal clientele and figuring out your tone of voice,” details Liphor. “Once you have that, it's like a roadmap for you to put anything out there and ask yourself, ‘does this fit into my brand strategy or not? Is this the voice that I want to be associated with or not?’ This is the thing that needs to be defined before we get into the logo and images. Those are the elements of branding.” 

Two main important elements that are essential to maintaining a great strategy is knowing your target audience and marketing towards their needs. A massive following doesn’t guarantee sales nor a growing outcome. Liphor states that being cohesive and consistent with your branding will yield a greater end result. 

“It doesn't really matter how many followers you have. If they're not buying from you, they're not your target audience,” Liphor explains. “Marketing is a game of attention. How do you get it? How do you keep it? How do you pull it? It’s important to have a brand that people recognize and feel that they can trust to work with.”

Although you may have a flawless strategy and recognizable marketing, any venture of branding, albeit personal or production, must have a “why”. Liphor pulls an excerpt from Start With Your Why by Simon Sinek where he puts the three letter question to a bullseye. 

“The ‘why’. This isn't about running a profitable company that's a result,” Loafer reads. “‘Why’ is all about your purpose. Why does your company exist? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Why should anyone care? Your ‘why’ is your mission statement. It could be like the fact that you want to be independent, like a financially independent woman, maybe you came from something, you're a survivor. How do you want to inspire people? What do you want to achieve? That is your ‘why’.”

In closing, Liphor touches on how the need to reach perfection within branding can hurt the process of building or starting a brand. The consultant recommends just going for it and being open to learning along the way. 

“Especially when it comes to starting your business in the beginning, you know, just get out there. After you’ve gathered a lot of data, start to have some revenue coming in, you’ll be able to invest in a media brand strategist. Don't let perfectionism stop you,” Liphor advises. 

As part of the seminar, Liphor will host an upcoming Mini Branding Photo Session with her brand Blip Creative Studio at SheSpace. On November 12, members and non members of the workspace will be able to shoot content for their branding with packages ranging from $200 for SheSpace members and $250 for non members. 

For more information on Blip Creative Studio and SheSpace visit online.

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