10 Gifts For the Hermit, Er, Homebody, in Your Life

When it comes to being a homebody, bath bombs, slippers, and a cute puzzle are all you need.

By Geneva Diaz and Alexia Partouche Published in the Winter 2022 issue of Houstonia Magazine

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Gift a tea strainer, knotted pillow, cozy slippers, and more.

We get it, there’s always something to do in Houston. There are so many options that sometimes, just the thought of going out is exhausting. So... just stay in. Picture this: you light a few candles and take a long and much-needed bath. After, you slip into your comfiest PJs and slippers, pop some popcorn, and toss on your favorite comfort show. For the homebody, that’s an ideal night—or day.

And since everyone needs self-care day, why not do it up in style? If you, or someone you know, prefers a night in over a night out, prioritizes comfort above all else, and collects candles like it’s the 1800s, here’s our list of 10 best gifts for the homebody.

Speckled Tea Strainer Mug Local


Image: Asch Building

Wind down after a long day by sipping tea from this handmade tea strainer mug from Asch Building. This fair trade product made by artisans in Nepal is perfect for steeping some environmentally-friendly loose leaf tea.

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W&P Microwave Silicone Popcorn Popper Maker


Image: Amazon

Popping popcorn has never been easier (or as sustainable). It’s time to do away with plastic-wrapped kernels, and start buying them in bulk! Not only do you get more bang for your buck, you decide just how much popcorn you want to chow-down on for your next movie marathon. This collapsible popcorn bowl provides the immediate satisfaction of microwave popcorn in an eco-friendly, waste-free format. Just flip the lid, which doubles as a measuring cup to make the perfect cup of popcorn, and toss the Popper in the dishwasher to rinse away any butter, oil or other toppings when you’re done!

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Living Royal Slippers Rodeo Local


Image: Emerson Rose

Keep your toes warm and cozy this winter with these Living Royal Rodeo slippers from Emerson Rose. These fuzzy blue slippers will rep your Texas pride even when the temperature is decidedly very un-Texan.

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Soy Candle, Currant & Blood Orange Local


Let the warm scent of briar rose, blood orange, matcha, and current soothe your senses with this Bold Series soy candle from Manready Mercantile. With a 40-hour burn time and a pleasant floral scent, it’s the perfect candle to light before you cozy up at home.

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Strawberry Affair Puzzle Local


Image: Biscuit Home

Spend rainy afternoons inside chipping away at this Strawberry Affair puzzle from Biscuit Home. The 1000-piece puzzle is made from 100 percent recycled paper and depicts a strawberry picnic scene that will leave your mouth watering and your heart yearning for springtime.

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Lush Sleepy Bus Bath Bomb Set


Image: Lush

The Lush assorted bath bomb set showcases four colorful bath bombs that will leave you feeling moisturized, smelling good, and ready for a good night's sleep. There's no better way to reach Sleepy Town then hopping aboard a bus full of sleepy bath bombs and products! Inside this bus-shaped box you'll find sweet scents of Butterbear and Shoot For The Stars Bath Bombs, a dose of the lavender-tonka body wash, and lotion. Next stop, bed!

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Bearaby the Hugget Knot Pillow


Image: Bearaby

These plant-based sensory Huggets from Bearaby squash away stress and encourage more calmness in your life. The smallest, palm-sized knot pillow ($29) works like a stress ball, massaging reflex zones for immediate stress relief. The medium knot pillow is gently weighted, perfect for hugging while watching your favorite movies. Instead of biting your nails or fidgeting, use the pillow to keep those anxious hands busy by squashing, hugging, or squeezing away tension during the day. The large knot pillow ($129) can be used as a lap pad, sleeper cushion, or for extra comfort on the couch.

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Turquoise Knee Length Cotton Cheetah Robe Local


Image: Oak + Sparrow

These 100 percent cotton cheetah robes are great for lazy Sundays around the house, a day at the pool, a beach vacation, or Netflix and a glass of wine. The robe has two deep side pockets and a detachable tie belt with loops and is hand screen-printed so no one robe is identical.

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Olukai's Pūpū Mua Slippers


Image: OluKai

It's easy to find a cozy slipper, but to find one that has everlasting support and doesn't just "go flat" on you is another challenge altogether. That's why you can't go wrong with Olukai's wide selection of slippers for both, men and women, and this women's Pupu Mua slipper is guarantee the way to go. Wrapped in fuzzy shearling, every step in this mule slipper will surround you in softness, all while being easy to slip on and off as you cuddle on the couch or get up for more snacks! It’s island ease meets unstoppable warmth and comfort.

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Halfmoon Linen Crescent Sit Set


Image: Verishop

The zabuton and crescent meditation cushion are a beautifully-simple and comfortable combination for meditation sessions and casual sitting while practicing your best posture. The soft platform lifts you off the floor, which provides extra cushioning for the feet and ankles to maintain a comfortable seated position for longer periods of time. When used with the buckwheat-filled crescent meditation cushion, your meditation time may turn into nap time.

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