What Time Is It?

Best Watches for Dad This Father’s Day

Whether he needs a new one or just loves them, we've got the time.

By Danielle Wright With Ile-Ife Okantah

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Shop select watches from Q Timex, Apple, and Casio.

If you've ever had a moment when you didn't know the time, you knew to ask Dad. One of the top accessories for any father is a watch, and not just for keeping punctual; it can instantly give his work suit or summer wardrobe a boost.  

The vintage pocket watch has dramatically evolved since 1510. Nowadays, a wristwatch varies from an everyday touch screen like the Apple Watch to a luxurious timepiece such as the TAG Heuer. We've rounded up the best watches of the year for everyone from digital dads to fancy fathers, so they can always stay on time.

Scroll ahead and shop for the best watches for Father's Day.

Casio A700W-1A


Image: Casio

You can't go wrong with an essential vintage Casio. The timepiece works for watch enthusiasts and those who appreciate a reliable accessory.

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Swatch SUOB728 Elementary


Image: Swatch

If you're looking for a watch from a reputable and recognizable brand that won't break the bank, look no further than Swatch. This watch has a funky design callback to analog clocks in elementary classrooms. 

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Timex x Pac-Man T80 Watch


Image: Timex

In an homage to everyone's favorite arcade game, Timex's Pac-Man watch has a classic ‘80s design with the iconic characters printed on the face.

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Fossil Retro Digital Pomegranate Red Stainless Steel Watch 


Image: Fossil

This digital watch comes in a beautiful shade of pomegranate red, making it a fitting gift for someone who likes to experiment with color in their wardrobe.

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Q Timex 1979 Reissue


Image: Todd Snyder

Vintage watches are the way to go for those who appreciate the art and science behind making timepieces. Timex reissued one of its iconic designs from the 1970s with a new color.

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Grand Tour Dual-Time Orange Watch


Image: Milk Design

Architect Michael Graves designed this watch with its dual-time-zone face after being inspired by traveling internationally. Even if this watch is for someone not among the jet set, the unique design and bright colors make it a stylish choice.

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Apple Watch Series 7 


Image: Apple

A watch list would not be complete without Apple's smartwatch option. The Series 7 watch features Apple Watch’s largest retina display yet, and it's crack-, dust-, and water-resistant. Synch it with your iPhone and receive messages, phone calls, and photos.

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Casio G-Shock GMWB5000D-1 Watch


Image: Huckberry

Another iconic Casio design, the G-Shock watch is known for its blocky shape and water resistance. This model is updated with an entirely stainless-steel case and offers Bluetooth connectivity.

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Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm


Image: Hamilton

Some people wear watches for fashion, and some wear them for practicality. Why not do both? The Khaki Field Mechanical watch is beautifully designed but durable and ready for anything.

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TAG Heuer Formula 1 Quartz


A luxury watch is a statement piece that will never go out of style. TAG Heuer is a heavy hitter, making elegant and opulent watches like this quartz-powered design.

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