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Hou Review: Sunday Riley’s Light Hearted Sunscreen

Houstonia puts the sunscreen with rave reviews to the test.

By Danielle Wright

Boxed packaging of Sunday Riley's Light Hearted Sunscreen.

With the sun’s harsh UV rays beaming on your skin, finding the right sunscreen is crucial. Thankfully, beauty brands are dashing SPF into their moisturizers, and gurus are squeezing them into skin-care regimens. Adding to the endless rush of sunscreens is Light Hearted Sunscreen by Houston-based skin-care line Sunday Riley. After it received rave reviews from beauty connoisseurs such as Allure and Sephora shortly after its debut, Houstonia put it to the test. 

Sunday Riley’s Light Hearted Sunscreen is currently priced at $35 for a 1.5-fluid ounce bottle. The broad spectrum formula contains SPF30 and has three interesting ingredients: blue light defense technology, to shield against harmful rays from digital screens; turmeric extract, an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that soothes skin and minimizes redness, and zinc oxide, to provide anti-aging. It’s best used daily as the last step in your routine, 15 minutes before going into sunlight, with reapplication every two hours. 

To give my full and honest review, I purchased the product from Sephora and tried it every morning for five days, applying after my moisturizer and again two hours after initial use as directed. At first glance, the packaging is amazing and fits right into my skin-care favorites. Compared to my Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor with SPF 30, it’s relatively small for its pricing, especially with its consistent need for reapplication.

These are my pros and cons: 

Pros: The super cute, red heart packaging perfectly matches with the theme of the product. Made with a pink tint, the sunscreen has a very lightweight and breathable consistency and does leave a velvety finish as described. It’s also fragrance-free, which is great for those with sensitive skin, as well as diminishes the size of pores. 

 Cons: The packaging doesn’t have a pump application, so upon opening, the sunscreen immediately spilled out without having to squeeze the bottle. Although it’s described as cast-free, the pink tint was very apparent on my medium skin tone with olive undertones and took 30 seconds to a minute to completely rub into my skin. After an hour, my skin started to become very dry, which isn’t helpful to someone already with dry skin, and felt a bit chalky. 

In all, the Light Hearted Sunscreen was a bust for me. While there are a few great pros, the cons unfortunately outweighed them. For me, the brand didn’t deliver on its cast-free and chalky-free promise and depleted the skin on hydration. 

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