Tasty Tajín

Tajín Finds A Home In Houston

A deep dive into what the chili lime seasoning does for the Bayou City.

11/24/2021 By Carolina Larracilla

Hot plates

Celebrate National Gumbo Day at These Local Restaurants

BB's Tex Orleans, Brennan's, and Bayou City Seafood and Pasta top our list of places to get the savory dish.

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Good gourd

6 Pumpkin Spice Treats to Try This Fall in Houston

Here's where you can get your pumpkin spice fix.

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Some like it hot

The 25 Spiciest Dishes in H-Town

We dare you to try them all.

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Some like it hot

We Tried It: The Charlie’s Five-Alarm Fire Burger Challenge

How to stomach Little Bitty Burger Barn's insanely hot burger

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Some like it hot

Caliente 101: Know Thy Chile Pepper

What exactly is the Scoville scale?

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Some like it hot

Warm Welcomes: These Dishes Will Ease You into Heat

Spicy newbies read on.

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Sleep Curry, a.k.a. A Meal You Can Make While Barely Awake

Cooking a killer curry doesn't have to mean you're conscious for the entire process...

05/16/2016 By Hala Daher

The Food Lover’s Guide to Houston

Where to Buy Spices & Herbs

Every food lover knows that fresh spices can make a world of difference, so skip the spice aisle and check out these markets instead.

03/03/2014 By Katharine Shilcutt and Robb Walsh