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Ridin' Dirty Volume III, With Video

A trip to Discovery Green and a forlorn trumpeter.

By John Lomax December 9, 2013

My daughter Harriet loves to ice-skate, so yesterday my wife Kelly Graml Lomax and I decided to take her to Discovery Green's seasonal rink. Since I don't love to ice-skate but very much needed some exercise, I rode my bike down there while they took the car. Here is what I saw on my way there and back and at Disco Green, including a trip to Phoenicia, scenes from the war of old-timers vs. newcomers to First Ward, some seasonal cheer, and video of the most existential trumpeter who ever lived.


 Center Street Sunday Morning Still-Life, With Monopoly Money And Tiny Gift


Yuletide Avenue Of Oaks, Discovery Green


Zamboni Break


Staff And Skaters


Post-Skate Shawarma


A Selfie With Baggy


Whose Shoes?


First Ward Condofication


First Ward Condofication's Discontents, I


First Ward Condoficiation's Discontents, II


First Ward's Condofication's Discontents III, Or One Million Bottlebags


Forlorn Horn I

Forlorn Horn II

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