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Aruba Arrivals

Southwest Airlines opens up flights to Aruba just in time for the spring break season. How can you spend your first getaway weekend there?

By Maggie Berardo March 4, 2015

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In honor of Southwest heading to the Caribbean, we here at Houstonia have looked into some of Aruba’s most alluring attractions and come up with a fun way to spend your first weekend on the island.

Of course, you must take the time to bask in the glow of clear blue waters along Aruba’s curvy coastlines. Basking in the sun could get you a head start on tanning season, but if you’re more interested in the water, then we suggest springing for a diving trip. Aruba’s reefs are natural masterpieces, just waiting to be explored, and you’re going to want to see them.

If you try only one restaurant, we say go with Carte Blanche. The dining room here seats 16 people only, so make sure to get reservations. Taking a seat at the intimate bar allows for guests to interact with Chef Dennis van Daatselaar, whose five-course menu changes ever night and uses only the freshest in-season ingredients.

Your second day should be spent inland. While the shopping is, of course, to die for, Aruba has museums and sightseeing opportunities galore. If you’re a nature buff, head for the Aruba Butterfly Farm or the Bubali Bird Sanctuary. There's also the Aruba caves. The Fontein Cave is known for its carvings and artwork by the Arawak people, while the Huliba Cave (aka, Tunnel of Love) is marked for its unique heart-shaped entrance and dark passageways.

With Southwest heading to Aruba from Houston, it's going to be way easier to get there. Now, maybe if we can all agree to book enough flights there, the airline will start hitting up the rest of the Caribbean Islands...


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