Over the River and Through the Woods

These 4 Christmas Towns Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Yes, you really can visit the North Pole! No, not that North Pole.

By Kayla Stewart December 11, 2015

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Possible fifth option if you really feel like getting away: the Santa Clause House at the "North Pole" in Alaska.

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I love Christmas. As in, Sunny 99.1 was on my radio non-stop beginning on Black Friday (and passengers knew not to ask to change the station). I love Christmas as in, I have gifts picked out for family members six months in advance, just to be safe. I love it as in, I spend all of December attempting to spread holiday cheer to everyone I meet.

So naturally, visiting towns who share my Christmas sentiments is the next step in my attempt to mesh travel and Christmas together as closely as possible. If you’re as crazy about Christmas as I am, these towns should be on your list for the holidays in years to come.

North Pole, NY

Congratulations! Your mom wasn’t lying (kind of) when she told you the North Pole was real. You can now relive those childhood moments without that sickening feeling of deception. This hamlet in the town of Wilmington, New York is home to Santa’s Workshop, a Christmas-themed amusement park that opened year-round. The Village of Lights includes Santa’s house, a reindeer barn, a post office specially for weeding out the naughty from the nice, and a candy shop. Yes, your dreams of living Rudolf, the Red-nosed Reindeer did just come true.

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The famous lights around the lake in McAdenville.

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McAdenville, a.k.a. “Christmas Town USA,” NC

This quiet town located about 20 minutes outside of Charlotte transforms in “Christmas Town USA” during December each year. Roughly 600,000 people visit Christmas Town every year to ogle at over 375 trees the light a quintessential winter route through downtown. There are over 450,000 lights that decorate the city, and a lake lined with 33 trees serves as a great location for visitors to get a great view of the town. Make sure to look at the town’s fountain that propels colored water up to 75 feet in the air every 10 seconds.

Woodstock, VT

White Christmas’ Vermont setting wasn’t accidental. The scenery in the state is picturesque, and Woodstock turns into a Christmas wonderful during December. The tiny town sits on the edge of the Green Mountains in central Vermont. Residents create the winter wonderland by decorating their homes and business with pine garlands, lights, and wreaths. An equestrian parade that includes more than 50 horses and riders kicks off the holiday season during Wassail Weekend, a celebration that revolves around medieval traditions. There’s also a craft fair, yule-log fire, and luminary lighting.

Bethlehem, PA

This small town digs into the historical aspect of Christmas. Numerous museums fill the city with three centuries of Christmas history, including religious momentos and Christmas trees of the past. Make sure to stop by Christkindlmarkt, a five-week festival that features more than 125 vendors each week that sell unique gifts and old-world holiday trinkets.

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