July on the Fly: The Quick and Dirty on Non-Stop Flights to Mexico

We've rounded up 6 sunny spots, each easier and cheaper to reach from Houston than you may think.

By Julia Gsell July 6, 2017

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The arch point El Arco at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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If our earlier post on last-minute Caribbean vacations didn’t suit your fancy, we’re giving it another go. When it comes to Houston’s nonstop flights to sunny spots, we’ve sifted through the details to get you sitting in the sand in no time.

Below, you’ll find six beach destinations in Mexico, all easy to reach in one plane ride, in case you're still looking for that last-minute vacation this July.

San José del Cabo (SJD)
Flight time: 2h 45m

A trip to Cabo will most likely be the last minute getaway that goes easiest on your wallet. Round trip fares on Spirit airlines are as low as $181*. But if you’re not prepared to spend the less than comfortable flight sitting on the airline’s thinly padded seats with below average leg room—and don’t forget carry-ons will cost you—United can get you there too.

Cancun, Mexico (CUN)
Flight time: 2h 20m

A last minute getaway to Cancun might not be so hard on your wallet either. Round trip fares are as low as $211 on Spirit and start at $286 on United. Southwest also has nonstop flights to Cancun, but it’ll cost you. SWA’s rates start around $700 this July.

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Panoramic view of downtown Puerto Vallarta 

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Puerto Vallarta (PVR)
Flight time: 2h 29m

Cheap flights to Puerto Vallarta are harder to come by, but they’re out there. Round trip rates start around $360 on United and Southwest.

Acapulco (ACA)
Flight time: 2h 30m

Nonstop flights are only available on Saturdays and Wednesdays to Acapulco, and United is the only airline from Houston that’ll get you there without a layover. Round trip fare starts at $557.

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Beach sunset on Cozumel island

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Cozumel (CZM)
Flight time: 2h 13m

Flights to Cozumel leave daily on United and have a pretty consistent price tag. Round trip rates for later in the month are $535 and a bit more for the first couple weeks in July.

Veracruz (VER)
Flight time: 2h 12m

Like Cozumel and Acapulco, United is your only option for a nonstop flight to this sunny spot. Round trip fares start at $393.

*All flight prices as of day of publication 

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