Sydney for Sydney

People Named Sydney Could Get a Free United Flight to Sydney, Australia

Named Sydney? Well, lucky you.

By Gwendolyn Knapp December 15, 2017

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In January, United will launch nonstop flights from Houston to Sydney (and vice versa) — a 15- to 18-hour jaunt— and with the new route comes a crazy, absurdly awesome contest. U.S. residents with the first or last name Sydney can now enter to win a trip to Sydney on the inaugural flight, which takes off on January 18. Likewise, United is also holding a contest in Australia for a resident with the last name Houston. 

Houston joins West Coast hubs Los Angeles and San Francisco as one of the only American cities to fly nonstop to Sydney, so it's a pretty big deal for travelers in H-Town. 

As for the contest, if you know a Sydney, you might want to fill him/her in on the following contest details. 

  • Sydneys in New York and Florida are excluded from entering, sorry.
  • There are terms and conditions on the spelling of Sydney, but the list basically includes all imaginable spellings, so if you're legally named Cydni Lauper, you're good.
  • Five winning Sydneys can each bring one guest along for the round-trip flight, hotel accommodations for five nights at The Westin Sydney, access to local sights and attractions, and a $500 prepaid card to customize the trip.
  • The sweepstakes runs now through December 27 and winners will be selected on or around December 28.

Read the complete rules and enter at

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