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You can actually stay nice and warm in a foam hobbit home.


“This is, by far, the coolest place i’ve ever stayed!” exclaims my sister, Marianne, as we explore the Martini Room after checking in at BOOT’S BNB in Silverthorne, Colorado. Judging from the oohs and ahs I hear throughout the spacious foam dome, our entire party of five travelers feel the same way.

We are struggling to find our reality as we enter what I can only describe as a present-day hobbit habitat in a literal shire. We are amazed as we step into this colorful, imaginative, and practical dome made entirely of foam. The April snow falls gently outside as we explore the many enchanting touches this bed and breakfast has to offer.

The Martini Room is part of a 15-domed, ensculptic house located on a private and well-kept, two-acre property by the Blue River on one side and a small lake on the other. I call it a house, because compound would sound too daunting to do this fairy-tale location justice. As mentioned in one of his five books, “Gordon Town,” World War II fighter pilot and Renaissance man Boot Gordon, had done his due diligence in creating a location to instill a sense of magic for guests of all ages.

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The Martini Room


There are cabins, and five other bedrooms in his home on the property have permanent tenants, who made it to the top of a waiting list that has grown to 100 people. He built the venue in 1971 out of rebar, polyurethane foam, and concrete after returning from Europe in the 1950s. Ever a gracious host, when you meet him and spark a conversation, Boot will also be happy to regale you with interesting tales of his World War II and traveling experiences, as well as wax philosophical with you on life’s ongoing mysteries.

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Image: Cherie Devine

Gazing across the vast Martini Room, we begin to locate our beds for the night. We start at the partially underground entry area, where the wood-burning stove, couches, and swing chair are located. We make our way up a ramp, which turns out to be a carpeted slide to use to get from one level of the room to the other as long as you are wearing socks. Two queen-sized beds, each on opposite ends of the room, appear to be situated on large, elevated cake stands with martini glass bases… oh, I get it… the “Martini” Room. 

Privacy is created for occupants using thick, floral curtains. In place of air conditioning, Boots engineered circular, five-inch cutouts throughout the bungalow with wooden caps that you uncork when you begin to feel a little warm. This method works surprisingly well to keep you at comfortable temperature during your stay, a true testament to hear from my 65-year-old mother, Cher, who is picky about room temperature. My 4-year-old daughter, Lanie, found the ladder leading to our quarters in the tree loft. There is something dreamlike about sleeping in a tree loft in a cozy, Colorado dome, especially since we had a perfect view of the falling snow from a large window right outside our quarters. 

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The kitchen and dining area. 


There is a full kitchen to prepare a quick breakfast the next morning before exploring the beautiful property and river or lakefront. There is even a sauna in the bathroom, next to an indoor, tropical garden.

If you plan on visiting Colorado soon, BOOT’S BNB is a truly unique experience to consider. The Martini Room is available year-round at $110-150 per night, depending on when you book.

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