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Your Summer Can Still Be Saved by These Top Glamping Destinations

Take that vacation already.

By Gwendolyn Knapp July 13, 2018

Gimme s'more.

You've heard of glamping—glamorous camping—but did you know there's a website called Glamping Hub that makes access to the world's top tents (well, fancy tents and then some) as easy as booking an Airbnb?  Launched in 2014 with just 200 accommodations on its site, the Denver- and Spain-based booking platform now offers 34,000 accommodations in more than 115 countries, and it will likely reach 50,000 accommodations by the end of summer. 

Turns out that glamping is an ever-growing $45 billion global industry, and with that in mind, Glamping Hub raked in a cool $2.1 million in revenue in 2016 and it's likely to triple that revenue in 2018. The hub doesn't own its featured properties, but makes about 10 percent off the top  of reservations by acting as a third party booking platform.

So how about those listings? Well, it's not all $4,000 Anthropologie tents. There are 27 different types of accommodations, including tree houses, cabins, tipis, villas, and domes. They're all immersed in nature and also offer hotel-quality comfort for that glitzy experience—let's hope glitzy keep the mosquitoes away.

These are the site's 20 most popular American glamping destinations of 2018.

Top Cabins

Is it still glamping if you're staying in a cabin? Sure, why not? And these cabins do bring the luxury, from a shipping container compound in Hill Country to a beachfront beauty in Olympia, you know, where the temperature is actually tolerable in summer. 

Top Crazy Glamping Structures

Yurts. Green houses. Domes. Decked-out tents. These destinations are unique, to say the least. You might be staying in a hobbit pod, but does every hobbit pod on earth have access to farm-fresh fruits and vegetables in-season?

Top Tree Houses

These top spots are for everybody who hasn't seen Hereditary yet.

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