Dog Days

Johnny Steele Dog Park Is—You Guessed It—Underwater

Take your pups elsewhere this weekend.

By Gwendolyn Knapp May 10, 2019

It's okay, buddy, the dog park will reopen soon.

If the skies are blue by Mother's Day and you're hoping to bring your dogs down to the Johnny Steele Dog Park at Buffalo Bayou for some much needed recreation after this week of severe weather—well, it's completely flooded. Behold the video below. 

As you probably well know, though, the dog park (and all of Buffalo Bayou Park) is designed to flood, and has many times before. The latest repairs to the dog park, post-Harvey, topped out at $400,000. Pending what happens through tomorrow with the weather—more heavy rainfall could be possible and Harris County is under a flash flood watch until Saturday at 7 p.m.—Buffalo Bayou Partnership's Trudi Smith tells us that a reopening date has not yet been confirmed, but should come quick.

Basically, the rain has to stop, the water needs to recede, and then the dog park's pond needs to be drained and cleaned before your pups can be let in to go crazy. So hold tight, doggos.

As for the rest of the park, says Smith, "overall, most of the trails at street level along Buffalo Bayou Park are open. Many of the footpaths closer to the bayou are closed because they are underwater or covered with sediment. Our maintenance staff are working hard to clear these trails as soon as possible."   

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