Here's How You Can Enjoy Your Own Private Pool in Houston

Swimply is offering an online marketplace for pool sharing.

By Shelby Stewart July 28, 2021

Pool available for rent with Swimply. 

Image: Swimply

With summers as hot as Houston's, people are always trying to find new ways to beat the heat. After you've excessively run up your electric bill and feel like you're all out of options (and don't want to spend too much money), Swimply has the answer. 

The affordable pool rental company is here to save the day from the woes that come with Houston's heat. Created in 2018, Swimply was the very first online marketplace for pool sharing. The concept was birthed when founder Bunim Laskin started asking his neighbor if he and his friends could pay her to use her pool. Now, the app allows people across the country to do the same. 

"From Swimply's founding in 2018, we had the vision for a variety of use cases," Laskin said in a statement earlier this year."Water brings joy and people together, and as we come out of the pandemic, we expect Swimply to continue to grow as it brings communities and neighbors together in a safe, affordable way."

Like another local app, Swimmy, the modern Swimply app follows a similar model to Air BnB—but for swimming pools. The company's mission, according to its website, is to "connect owners of private pools with people looking to get their hands on one."

On the app, you'll find a selection of affordable rentals from residents' backyards, as well as some high-end Houston escapes. The rentals typically range from $30 an hour on the lower end and can reach up to $130, depending on location and amenities.

Guests who want to experience Swimply can download the app, request a pool, get approved, and then confirm their rentals. Customers are only charged for the pool they confirm with, and once confirmed, guests chat with the host, and then they're free to experience their pool rental. 

"The shifting mindset from younger generations about ownership is a huge contributor to increased growth of the Swimply marketplace," Asher Weinberger, co-founder, and COO of Swimply said in a statement. "Swimming is the third most popular activity for adults and number one for children, and yet no other company has tackled the aquatic space to make swimming more affordable and accessible...until now."

For residents who would like to rent their pools, the process is just as simple—much like Airbnb, on the Swimply app, hosts can create a listing, set a price, add photos and details, and the listing will go live, for Houston residents to see. From there, you can accept reservations, and get paid when users select your pool to rent. Swimply takes a 15-percent commission when hosts agree to a booking. 

To learn more about Swimply, visit the website,

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