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Luxury Motorcoach Service Offers New Way to Travel in Texas

RedCoach is the new way to travel between cities.

By Craig Hayes November 4, 2021

Couple boards a RedCoach bus. 

Image: RedCoach

Inter-city travel just became easier and more stylish, with the arrival of Florida-based luxury motorcoach company, RedCoach, in Texas. As of October, families, friends, employees, and students alike will have access to nonstop services between several cities including Houston, Dallas, College Station, and Waco.

With the holidays right around the corner, RedCoach is the ideal option for those aiming to allot more funds to gifts, and family dinners rather than to travel expenses.

The motorcoach company was founded in 2010, providing customers with convenient and affordable transportation to travel between key cities. Florencia Cirigliano, Vice President of Marketing for RedCoach, believes in the importance of stress-free travel that’s both comfortable and affordable. Seeking to increase connectivity throughout each state, it dominated Florida as its sole luxury bus service, having transported more than a million passengers. 

After much success in Florida, RedCoach sees a window of opportunity here in Texas, as the Lone Star State is home to one of the top fastest-growing large metro areas in the U.S.

"RedCoach is excited to expand to Texas and bring the market the first-ever, affordable luxury line-run service. Texas has grown tremendously over the past decade, and as more people and businesses migrate to the state, it makes sense for RedCoach to bring a new way of travel to the market," Cirigliano says.

Reclinable seats on RedCoach motor coach buses. 

Image: RedCoach

Passengers will have their choice of an array of amenities to help fashion an enjoyable, stress-free ride. Trips with RedCoach are accompanied by no baggage fees, WiFi, onboard entertainment, and complimentary snacks. The motor coaches are custom-made, fitted with 26 seats offering guests additional comfort with spacious legroom and bed-like seats that recline up to 140 degrees.

"We have been the only premier luxury line-run service in the Southeastern region for more than a decade, and we believe in offering a bus travel experience that is stress-free, affordable, and treats every passenger as first-class."

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit the RedCoach website.

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