You, in swimsuit, hat, and river shoes. Family. Friends. Drifting along together after months of quarantine. Your inner tube, floating lazily along crystal-clear, cypress-lined waters. Laughter. Craft beer. Groups of tubers calling to one another. Turtles in a row in the sun. The sound of rapids. The smell of sunscreen. The promise of a post-float lunch. Fish nibbling your toes. Music. The sound of cicadas. Relaxation. Bliss.

This is floating the river in the Lone Star State, the trip you should take—carefully, and always observing local, state, and federal guidelines to protect you and yours as we all figure out how to navigate the strange times we find ourselves in—this summer. Whether you’re intimately familiar with this grand Texas tradition or new to these parts, you’ll want to have our guide in hand when you do take the plunge and plan your next trip.

In This Feature:

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