8 of the (Supposedly) Most Haunted Places in Houston

Because all our hexes live in Texas.

By Shelby Stewart and Anna Rajagopal


Battleship Texas is rumored to be haunted. 

Image: Adam Graser

When October comes around, the spirit of Halloween can be seen almost everywhere. Haunted houses, pop-up pumpkin patches, and creepy corn mazes begin to appear. By all means, you can visit the conventional seasonal haunts, but the world of the paranormal exists in the Bayou City year-round. Houston is filled with spots that have unique haunts that have more than just jump-scares

Houston is 185 years old, meaning there are plenty of scary stories that add color to our city's reputation—from the mysteries that lie in the underground tunnels Downtown to the secrets beneath the now-repurposed Spaghetti Warehouse Building—there’s some spine-chilling folklore that’ll make for great stories to tell (and places to visit) in October. 

Downtown Tunnels 

909 Fannin Street  | Six Feet Under…Ground

In 1722, a group of 10 miners got trapped in the underground tunnel system that sits just below Houston’s thriving metropolitan streets. The miners, unable to escape the rock and dirt that surrounded them, perished underneath the feet of Houston city-goers. Some say that between the shadows, they can hear the miners even today, calling out for help. 

Battleship Texas 

La Porte | I Got Your 6… 66 

This ship served in both World Wars before the government permanently stationed it in La Porte as a memorial dedicated to the soldiers who gave their lives while on duty. It appears a darker secret lurks on the decks, as tourists have heard peculiar sounds coming from the engine room, seen ghostly visions in the hallways, and have even spotted a long-dead soldier wandering the ship. 

The Old Spaghetti Warehouse Building 

901 Commerce Street | In Sickness and in…Death  

The old Spaghetti Warehouse Building, now the home of McIntyre's, is reported to be one of the spookiest locations in the whole city. The lore goes back to the 20th century when a pharmacist fell down an elevator shaft and died, followed shortly thereafter by his wife, who passed away of a broken heart. The two have been seen floating around the building, making messes, and bothering tourists. 

The Rice Hotel/Lofts 

909 Texas Avenue | A Scare Fit for the President 

The Rice Hotel was one of the last places JFK stayed in to get some rest before he was shot in Dallas, Texas. This building is reported to have JFK’s ghost haunting the ballroom and shaking doorknobs. Some guests even claim to have seen a ball of light roaming the corridors. 

La Carafe 

813 Congress Street | Chilled Drinks or Chilling Sights?

La Carafe is the oldest building in Houston and is supposedly host to a good many ghosts. Some say that Sam Houston’s spirit still knocks over wine glasses from the time he had a drink here. Others insist that Carl, the old bartender, plays tricks on customers—especially young women. Regardless of who might be haunting this place, only the most unflappable among us should consider drinking alone in La Carafe's dark corners. 

Julia Ideson Building 

500 McKinney St | Violin-Playing Visitor   

The Julia Ideson Building is widely believed to be haunted by the remnant energies of an old groundskeeper and his loyal canine companion. At night, Jacob Frank Cramer would climb the stairs to the third floor, followed by his dog, and would practice violin. In November of 1936, Cramer’s cold, dead body was discovered by the librarians in the basement. The chilling sound of a violin along with the scratching of dog’s nails on floorboards can be heard throughout the large building. 

Hotel Galvez 

2024 Seawall Blvd., Galveston | Hang Around With a Ghost… 

The Hotel Galvez is one of the most infamous haunts in the Houston-Galveston area. In the 1950s, a distraught woman hanged herself on the fifth floor of this hotel after she learned that her husband had been murdered. Guests have allegedly witnessed her ghost flushing toilets, slamming doors, and flipping light switches. 

Demon’s Road

Bowden Rd. by 4658 Farm-to-Market Road 1374 | The Road Less Traveled.. Or Is It? 

Bowden Road, perhaps far better known as Demon’s Road, is a dirt road on the way to Martha Chapel Cemetery. This road has been the location for eerie sightings of spooky red lights and the ghosts of young children and hitchhikers. Drivers of this treacherous path claim handprints have been left on the windows of their cars. Some even claim ghosts have followed them all the way back to their own homes.

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