5 Places in Texas to (Maybe, Probably) See Some Snow

The closest places around Bayou City to catch scenic views of snow.

By Rosemary Akpan

Chisos Snow at Big Bend National Park.

Houston is the place to be if you’re looking to dine at amazing restaurants, meet great people, and root for the world's greatest sports teams. But one thing usually in short supply in our fair city? Snowy weather—unless, of course, you’re counting that one horrid month in 2021 where we experienced an ice storm. For the most part, it’s exceedingly rare to see a bed of snow sitting anywhere on these (bumpy) Houston streets. 

However, if you find yourself craving some beautiful white flurries this season, grab a friend and hit up these surrounding Texas cities (all reachable by car or a short flight away) so you can get all the winter feels.  


Distance: 600 miles NW of Houston

Nine hours outside of Houston (or a two hour flight) is where you’ll find snowy views and spectacular landscapes in Amarillo. Located in the center of the Texas panhandle, Amarillo receives a whopping 18 inches of snow annually, with January being its peak snowy month. For some family-friendly fun, make your way to Palo Duro Canyon State Park to enjoy a winter hike or trot through a bed of snow while viewing the public art installation at Cadillac Ranch.

Big Bend National Park visitors at the Lost Mine Trail.

Big Bend

Distance: 569 miles W of Houston 

A promising sight of snow can be seen near the borders of Mexico at Big Bend National Park. Hike to the higher elevations of the park to view scenic snow trails along the Chisos Mountains. After trailing the mountains, watch the snow fall from the comfort of your hotel room as you nestle in with a warm cup of tea.

El Paso

Distance: 747 miles W of Houston

There’s no place like El Paso! In a good year, El Paso can see an accumulation of seven inches of snow—which, we must add, is seven inches more than Houston usually accumulates. Although the city has not seen major snowfall since the “Great Snow” of 1987, when an astonishing two feet of snow fell on the city, take a chance and travel far west (roughly 10 hours from Houston) to see some breath-taking winter flurries. For the best views of snow, visit Hueco Tanks State Park or Franklin Mountains State Park—we hear December is the best time!

Guadalupe Mountains

Distance: 655 miles NW of Houston

Another West Texas place to experience snow is at Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Guadalupe Park protects the world's most extensive Permian fossil reef, has the four highest peaks in the state of Texas, and is home to the most environmentally diverse collection of flora and fauna. Cooler seasons like fall and winter experience high winds, snow, and freezing fog. While only a mere one inch of snow can fall on average per year, the park is still a great contender if you’re looking to participate in some chilly excursions during the winter months.


Distance: 516 miles NW of Houston

You may find a light layer of snow in Lubbock as early as October and as late as April. Chances of snow may not always be guaranteed in this High Plains sector of our state, however, when it does snow, it covers the entire city. Peak cold periods will occur in the later winter months of the year, with the best chances for snow appearing in mid-to-late January and early February. While there, catch a snowflake or two at Mackenzie Park or Caprock Canyons State Park—almost nine hours away from H-Town.

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