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Tattoo Artist's Unique Style Fuels Her Blossoming Rap Career

Meet Ghetto Princess, the Houston bilingual rapper from the Northside.

By Sofia Gonzalez November 26, 2021

Rapper and tattoo artist Ghetto Princess is also a rising Youtuber.

Ghetto Princess’ main thing is being a tattoo artist, she says she is that before anything else. But the 19-year-old stays busy with many hustles. Hailing from Houston’s north side, she is one of the newest names to know. Also going by the name Nawf. G, she’s a style Youtuber, and a rapper who has released music videos with Big Tony and Bo Bundy. She’s doing it all. 

In one of her style videos, Ghetto Princess goes thrifting and shows her fans outfit ideas. She was into incorporating anime with her style -- which seems to be a craze these days. She even talked about painting some of the characters onto her jeans. 

For Gen-Zers like her, shows she grew up with such as Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z, have made it over into fashion. She also gets a lot of her inspiration from her Explore page on Instagram, which is all early 2000’s right now. 

We spoke more with Nawf. G about her lifestyle and growing career.

How did you get your start in music? What inspired you to begin that career?

I've always written music as a child. I used to record myself a couple of times on YouTube. I used to always write music, too, but I never took myself seriously. I don't know, I just thought it was for fun, it was always for fun for me in the beginning. But I used to be an apprentice at G6 studios, and that's where I met Andy, and he’s a manager. I just started talking to him telling him that I wanted to put out a song in the studio just to see how it goes. And basically, that's where it all started. 

You’re really talented with tattooing, and you also started getting into it at a young age. What led you to that career?

On my 13th birthday, my mom took me to get my first tattoo. Ever since I was a little girl, I've always liked drawing, and it was just my safe place. I felt comfort in drawing all the time. When I went to the tattoo shop, I was talking to the tattoo artist and they were talking to me, and they're like, ‘Since you know how to draw, then when you grow up maybe you should be a tattoo artist.’ And that stuck with me ever since. I guess I got inspired by the tattoo artists, because they were like, ‘I make my own money.’

Ghetto Princess started getting tattoos when she was a teen and later apprenticed at Houston's G6 Tattoos.

You know, they were real fly. They have gold chains, you know, they have their own cars. I wanted to be my own boss. 

I was a troublesome child in high school. So, I went to alternative school two times. But by the second time that I went to alternative school, I was talking to the art teacher, and she really helped me out a lot. 

She knew that I was talented and stuff. And she invested in me and she bought me henna ink, and with that I was doing hennas on the little kids and the teachers, and I saved up like $300 in three days, and with the $300 I bought all my tattoo equipment that I needed.

So being from Houston, what does this city mean to you?

I see a lot of pressure everywhere in Houston. It’s funny, like the bad things, I feel. But, I also feel very motivated and inspired by the city. 

You spend a lot of time making videos for YouTube? What was the driving factor that led you to posting that very first YouTube video?

I used to watch YouTube videos all the time. Whenever I would come home from school, or like when I was at school, I would just watch YouTube videos. I wanted to be a YouTuber. I wanted to get paid for being a YouTuber, like the ACE family or like Jeffree Star, they all get payments off of YouTube. I wanted to be like them, you know, an influencer

On your YouTube, you post “Get Ready With Me” videos and you’re super into makeup. So, how would you say your makeup is a reflection of your style and you?

I've always been an artist, and like before I wanted to become a tattoo artist I was really into makeup and cosmetology. I really wanted to be a cosmetologist. I actually need to upload a new "Get Ready With Me" on YouTube, because I have a whole different makeup routine now.

One last thing, what do you want your fans to know?

I just want to appreciate everyone who’s been supporting me ever since I started my own YouTube channel, like I really appreciate that. And I really appreciate my haters, too, because you ain’t conquering unless you got haters. 

To stay updated on Ghetto Princess, follow her on Instagram. To listen to her music, be sure to check her out on Soundcloud and Apple Music.

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