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At Common Bond, "peerless flakiness" is a compliment.

Is there anything that epitomizes French food more than the croissant? Well, actually, lots of things, since, like many comestibles attributed to the hexagonal nation, croissants aren’t originally French at all but rather the brainchild of neighboring Austria. Tante pis, France, because no happier marriage between butter and flour exists in breakfast pastry form and I’m sure you’d like the credit.

Not that you should confine your consumption of croissants to a matutinal timeframe, for the plethora of terrific options in Houston means sampling can and should happen all the live-long day, especially if you’re on a holiday shopping marathon.

It’s rare that “peerless flakiness” should be a compliment, but that’s the case with regards to Common Bond’s ginormous (that’s a technical term) croissants. We also can't get over the gorgeous honeycomb structure of the croissant cross-section caused by the delicious slow-rise preparation.

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Fellini Caffè means business.

For an ostensibly Italian joint, Fellini Caffè sure bakes a mean croissant, some of which are adorned and/or stuffed with lovely ingredients including but not limited to: Nutella, apricot jam, mascarpone, miniature chocolate chips and nuts.

For more traditional but equally terrific filled croissants, head to the French Riviera…Bakery & Café. Popular picks like the sausage with Swiss cheese and strawberry have been known to sell out, so go sooner rather than later. If, however, you find yourself at the bakery around lunch, we suggest requesting a plain croissant as the starch base for pâté de campagne sandwich.

Central Market receives the best in show award with regards to supermarket croissants; available varieties include plain, Belgian chocolate, almond with frangipane cream and powdered sugar and raisin cream swirl.

Finally, it would be a travesty if Croissant Brioche didn’t proffer a decent version of its namesake baked good; thankfully, this Rice Village bakery’s croissants are in fact par excellence and some of the moistest we’ve tried in Houston.

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