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Hunter Gatherer

Artist Allison Hunter shows the East End some love with her installation series Video Bomb Houston.

By Samantha Ketterer July 6, 2015

A sketch by Hunter projected onto a building

For artist Allison Hunter’s new project, Video Bomb Houston, she explored the city's traditionally underserved areas to create a four-part series whose first installment debuts tonight. Each piece of the work takes on a different area. "I’m as guilty of not knowing my area as well as I could and I kind of tend to stay in my own three mile radius of stuff that I know," she says. "That’s why I started to ask people, 'What area do you think is really under-served?'"

These four sites chosen become landscapes for the exhibit, for which she projects short, colorful animations onto neighborhood buildings and loops sound over them. Many of her images depict animals that inhabit Houston, such as turkey buzzards, rats and grackles. The work's not overtly political, but creating it, says Hunter, is a political act in itself. "Even having it in this particular area is political, because it’s just not done," Hunter says. "People just don’t go there, but I’m asking people to do that...This area needs food, but it also needs art, and art is essential, not a luxury," she says. 

Video Bomb Houston, Part 1 takes place in Community Family Centers, in Magnolia Park, tonight at 7 p.m. The projection begins at 8:30 p.m. The series continues on July 20, August 3 and August 17; there are no details yet on the additional screenings, but we'll update you. 


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