The Bigger Picture

FotoFest's new photo exhibit I Am a Camera sheds light on differences in LGBTQ community.

By Samantha Ketterer July 8, 2015

Ana & Nadya, guests of Apt. 779, having an intimate moment

Image: Irina Popova

FotoFest's I Am A Camera couldn’t have come at a better time. The photo exhibit, which opens Thursday at Silver Street Studios, looks at the diversity of the LGBTQ community through 225 images, three videos and one installation commissioned by several artists from around the world.

"Untitled from the series You are You, 2007-2012"

The exhibition features works from Sunil Gupta, Lindsay Morris, Irina Popova and other artists who identify as LGBTQ or who are allies to the community. Black-and-white prints, staged photos, portraits and journalistic images are included. “Dealing with the artists, it became clear that there was a lot of work out there about the intersection of LGBTQ issues and identities,” says FotoFest executive director Steven Evans. “It’s about how that [diversity] can lead to the creation of communities and how that becomes expressed in society at different times and locations.”

Evans says the art is intended to be thought-provoking. “It is possible that some members of the audience will be challenged by the work in the show, and I think that’s a good thing,” he says. “One of the functions of art is to teach us about society and teach us about things we don’t know."

The exhibit runs through August 29 at Silver Street Studios. 2000 Edwards St.


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