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"Everything Is Tempoary" by Jenaro Goode

In “Music for the World to See,” a pop-up art event presented by Bea Ying Projects this weekend, visual imagery flows from the paintbrushes of two emerging Houston artists. The show features a bouquet of 30 art pieces from Jenaro Goode and Jaylon Hicks, whose respective works detail an equal influence of expressionism and dreamlike odes to the female form.

The show’s producer, Ariana Thrasher, spotted the works of Goode and Hicks and was drawn to their own creative processes and takes on their subjects. For 10 months, Thrasher observed the artists as they worked in the same space, creating new pieces for the weekend-long presentation. “It was interesting to see how they influenced each other,” Thrasher says. “Trying to have a harmony of two artists working side-by-side was interesting to me.”

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"Skittle Girl" by Jaylon Hicks

For some, it may be clear to see the artists may have had an impact on each other’s works while crafting in close quarters at The Common House, a studio space just north of Downtown Houston. In Hicks’ “Skittle Girl,” the artist seems to be channeling Picasso with his outline of a long and distorted female figure (a dedication says “For Ashley”). She’s curvy, smiling and diving into a palette of yellows and greens. Barefooted and animated—literally and figuratively—the Skittle Girl oozes sexuality and confidence. Hicks’ work continues on with this theme of interpretation, like a jazz soloist letting the composition take on a mind of its own.

Goode’s fascination of surrealism à la Salvador Dali is apparent in his own colorful creations. His painted dreamscapes include nude women, seemingly haunted by cat-like figures or missing their own faces.

Visual imagery runs rampant throughout the exhibition, something that Thrasher plans to continue to promote. “I want to make these projects as broad as possible when it comes to art.”

Music for the World to See. Aug 28 & 29. $5. Bea Ying projects Pop-Up Gallery, 1606 White Oak Dr. beayingprojects.com