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Rock Music Found In the Arms of the Sun

Houston post-hardcore band Vox Vocis looks to the distant future for inspiration.

By Leah Lucio January 20, 2016

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Guitarist Alex Vaquera of Vox Vocis

Image: Muddy Paw PR

In the early 2000s, New York–based band Coheed and Cambria debuted The Amory Wars, an LP featuring the group’s spin on post-hardcore progressive rock. For the most part, fans banged their hands along to the band’s brilliantly paced and nuanced power ballads, but only after further investigation did they realize it was all part of a plan. Lead singer Claudio Sanchez had been writing a comic book about intergalactic battles to coincide with the album, creating a storyline for the band; essentially, making the band a character within itself.

This unique take on music and performing arts was playful and mind-bending and can now be seen in Houston’s own medium-blending rock trio Vox Vocis, which plays tonight at Walters Downtown.

Drummer Zachary Burton hatched the idea behind the band four years ago (with a little inspiration from the aforementioned New York band). The concept was to tell shell out hard charging rock sounds while telling a story, one that centers on a dystopian future where speaking is illegal. Over the last few years he’s recruited friends—and roommates—Alex Vaquera and Alejandro Hernandez to share his vision.

“I write with the intention of the story…” But I don’t really nail it down so, “the songs stay more sincere,” Vaquera said.

Just ahead of the band’s second full tour—which winds through much of Texas before heading west to California—they’ll promote their new album, In the Arms of the Sun. Vaquera, who writes the music, cut the scope down on the album, continuing the story behind the original cosmic inspiration, but zeroing in on the characters.

The three aren’t finicky about the lyrics. Hernandez and Burton point out that the accompanying music always weighs out. They all agree that storytelling—not just in a song, but in an entire album—augments the music.

After all that time spent together, the three are synthesizing into a solid piece of music themselves—you can hear it in the tracks they’ve got on BandCamp and live at Walters.

Jan 21 at 7. $10. Walters Downtown, 1120 Naylor St. waltersdowntown.com

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