Basing Choreography On Love

CORE Performance's latest collection of choreography explores love and being.

By William Geoffrey Wood February 3, 2016

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In today's society, finding romance is as easy as swiping right. But, in taking it back to the aggregate, thinking about love and lust can be a complex task. With Valentine's Day fast approaching (heads up, y'all) one dance company in Houston is examining romance and its various expressions and inspirations with on love, a selection of original choreography that explores the state of love and being.

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Sue Schroeder—founder of Houston-based CORE Performance—and her team decided to investigate the perils and joys of love and romance through dance. The motifs within the piece definitely runs the gamut from the good to the ugly,” says dance artist Erik Thurmond. The highly interactive and emotional piece begins with a dance lesson where crowd participation is actuated. This pre-show interactive will, according to Company Manager D. Patton White, “connect the audience to a very basic style of dance.” He also notes that, “including the audience and getting them physically involved in the experience will allow for more palpable reflection as they observe the rest of the work.” 

“We all learned an incredible amount of trust and patience with each other; we don't shut down each other’s ideas,” notes Thurmond. Part of this company’s singularity lives in the fact that every member functions not only as a dancer but as a choreographer as well. The group previously known as Several Dancers Core is composed of individual dance artists instead of a collection of homogenous dancers, an idea set in stone during its founding in 1980 by Schroeder. “All of the members are involved in the decision-making process and Sue will kind of function as the ultimate decision maker,” adds Thurmond. This method of choreography gives the group a unique and rooted style of dance as each performer feels a connection to the piece in a more proprietary sense.

Feb 5 & 6 at 8; Feb 7 at 2. $10–15. MATCH, 3200 Main St. 713-521-4533.

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