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Behind Closed Doors Adds Sizzle to Weekend Plans

Houston City Dance revs up Valentine's Day with a sultry set of dance numbers.

By Steven Devadanam February 12, 2016

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Frankly speaking, there’s a sole purpose to Valentine’s Day, and City Dance Studio gets right to it with Behind Closed Doors, a sultry warmup for anyone looking to add sizzle to weekend plans.

The sexy romp is a dance celebration of all things love, lust, romance and sensual femininity, and immediately heats up with the opening number, “Wear Your Clothes.” The burlesque-inspired piece features the troupe ladies, donned in crisp men’s dress shirts, coyly revealing their lingerie. Then there’s the cutesy, tongue-in-cheek nod to society’s current obsession with the booty in, “All about that Bass.”

Things get soulful with an interpretation of Nina Simone’s classic a cappella tune, “Be My Husband.” Artistic director Sherese Campbell, who fuses ballet, tap, modern and hip-hop in her work, says the show’s standout is the classic “Banana Dance,” a homage to 1920's African-American dance icon Josephine Baker, who broke ground when she famously shook her stuff wearing a bikini made of bananas. (Dancer Jaimee Navarettte will sport a similar fruity costume.)

In an intimate, dinner theater setting, couples—and those going Dutch—are encouraged to get up and shake it to tunes from Al Green, Prince and others, courtesy of Song Williamson and band. “We want this to be arousing, but also a lot of fun for everyone,” says Campbell.

For the pre-dinner crowd, the 5:30 show includes appetizers and drinks, while the 9:30 offers drinks and dessert. “We have your whole evening planned out for you,” says Campbell.

“We’ll light your fire by the end of the show,” she adds with a wink. “What you do afterwards is up to you.”

18 and up only. Feb 13. 5:30 & 9:30. $25, individual; $40 couple. City Dance Studio, 1307 W. Clay St. 713-529-6100.

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