Pitch Perfect Performance with Film Score Favorites

Houston Pride Band's Picture It! performance highlights some of film's best music scores.

By Leah Rose March 3, 2016

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Artistic Director Michael Roberts

Even though the Oscars are all said and done with (thank God Leo got his statue), film buffs are still pining for more movie magic. For its latest performance, Houston Pride Band, the city’s only LGBT-based music organization, plays from a cinema score playbill, touting film score favorites from John Williams to Andrew Lloyd Webber.

“We’re going through the history of cinema,” says artistic director Michael Roberts, “starting with silent films and Star Wars that just came out.” 

The concert, which the band has been prepping for for more than a year, has something for every movie fan to get giddy over, while still maintaining a classic performance feel. There are the epic pieces, flashy scores and classic medleys from movies like The Cowboys, Sunset Boulevard and Jurassic Park. Even though HPB focuses on dispelling labels and stereotypes, they happily embrace band stereotypes.

“At a band concert you expect to hear a march and show tunes—that’s the history of band,” Roberts admits. “We are a band of gays, lesbians and allies and we like show tunes.”

Roberts was sure to include a range of music, not just for the audience to get a taste of genres, but to give the band members the opportunity to change it up, especially after a demanding 30-minute piece inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s The Champion.

“I almost wanted to make it a game show,” Roberts says. “Not display the names of the pieces, just pass out cards and let the audience write down what they think.”

Even The Champion will be recognizable to audiences. HPB commissioned the piece, which plays along with the original silent film projected onscreen, and requested that Benjamin J. Brooks inlay some distinct tunes, like Rocky.

“Throughout the whole thing you have a lot of different snippets from popular culture,” Joe Dombrowski, HPB president and clarinetist, notes. “It explains what’s going on in the scene through music through what is familiar to you.”

March 5. 7. Free. MATCH, 3400 Main St. 713-521-4533.

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